LordTown x Matchwood Messenger Bag

Hohoho! Lately I bought a messenger bag for myself (since now I got my own fixed gear).
This bag is a crossover project between local brand LordTown and Taiwan brand Matchwood.
and I really love the details for this messenger bag, hope I rocks this messenger bag together with my fixed gear ^^

Hohoho, the messenger bag is inside this bag (I like this bag too ^^)

Is really cool~!

LordTown, from Malaysia.

Matchwood, from Taiwan.

Here goes the details inside the bag.

I love this red Matchwood strap ^^

Inside the bag got BIG space! and got a lots of very useful compartment too!

Inside also got this water resistant bag, cool rite?

Got 2 reflective strap at the bottom of the bag, so that vehicle from behind can see it when u ride your fixed gear at nite, always safety 1st ^^

the back of the bag also got 2 pockets!

Well, I really love the big space and all the compartment inside this messenger bag, is really useful and easy carry ^^
For those who looking for a messenger bag lately, I really recommended this 1 ^^
and hope u guys going to love it too~


Ah Eva Eva said...

yo...got the water resistant bag somemore!!!! how much how much?!

-mc- said...

yor! yor! buy urself la><

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