Enjoyable memory....

1st time joining LOMO exhibition...
very excited!!! and very very happy i can be part of it~
we hv a lots of fun while doing the whole thing,
really enjoyable and really happy~
and really unforgetable~

Pi WaWa x PiPit

lately i finish this Pi WaWa,
and is specially make it as a gift for PIPIT.
is a simple small gift as helping and support YaYaWoo for all the time.
thanks again to PIPIT Mike and Ivery~

The Xhibition : X = Crossover

How does an image made?
Er...press Shutter Release Button, then the image created by the LCD display behind the camera.

Why we have music?
Er...my dad bought me an iPod, then i purchase MP3 from iTunes.

How do you get your cool t-shirt?
Bought it from shopping centre.

These are the correct answers? No!
Please come to The Xhibition 2007,
we will show you how does a camera works without LCD display,
we will show you music which is not coming out from your iPod,
we will show you who is doing the design around you.

1st roll of half frame tat i snap~

here is some pics tat i snap by using my gf Olympus Pen ee2,
1st time using this camera... feel so classic and exciting....
everything look inside tat view finder... feel like back to the history...
every single half shoot like got some story behind, but wat was the story?
quite interesting while using this half frame camera...
really make me reach "don think juz shoot" level~
and also don know wat will come out finally...

hope next roll with slide film will comes out different feel...
wish me luck^^


hahaha... so happy~
finally i can get this revoltech Megatron!
i already search and look for so many shops and places,
so hard to get this...
at last, let me find out at one utama...
so damn happy ^^

optimus prime, won feel lonely any more ^^
hope in future, revoltech will come out Bumble Bee and StarScream and Hound~

YaYaWoo new product: PiWaWa

here comes YaYaWoo latest new product, PiWaWa~
PiWaWa is leather type of doll tat totally 100% handmade~

this is only the starting, later on YaYaWoo will come out more PiWaWa & Friends~
hahaha.... ^^

hope u guys like it~