Gunung Nuang 4898ft

Last weekend, me, Jeepeng, KahGiap, RuiPing, and the rest of friends went to Gunung Nuang for hiking, and spend 1 nite there. and lets the pics tell the trip la!

can u c how green the bamboo leaf is?

Green! Green! Green! is every where!! totally love it ^^

ok, lets start our long long way to our camp site (2 hours walk to Lolo Campsite) erm... because is a tiring and long way walk to the camp, so all the way we didnt took any pics... we only concentrate keep walk... walk... and walk... >.<>.<), so we faster set up our camp once we reach there! this is how we set up our "bungalow" (6person tent)!! after finish this, we all jump into the cold river to and enjoy it ^^ (after a long tiring walk, enjoy with the cold water is really "SYOK" la~)

after dinner, few of us got nothing to do... so we start playing with Pica-Pica inside the tent, hahaha! jus a simple torch light, but we have a lots of fun ^^

Jeepeng drawing EVIL!!!

KahGiap is LOMO-ing!!!

after that, we all go to sleep... because we hv to wake up around 3.30am early morning! (actually we cant really sleep >.<) RuiPing cant sleep at all, so he make us some sandwich in the middle of the nite, so that we can bring along. then after wake up, we straight away head to the Pacat Campsite and then peak of Gunung Nuang!! RuiPing, the Pro among us!!

Jeep... wat u look so sad? missing home already? or...

the rest of the member... all so tired and sleepy... >.< Jeepeng enjoy playing SMS while he resting...

oi, fall asleep already?? >.< our ranger who guide us to this gunung ^^

the middle of the nite... and the middle of the jungle...

ok, because we going spend another 5 hours to the peak, so i didnt took much pics all the way to the peak (some more is so dark) and is really tiring... >.< around 7 morning something, here full of mist... and we almost there... hehehe...

we take some rest and take our breakfast! (tat time we damn hungry!!)

this is the sandwich that RuiPing ready for us! Thanks again la ^^

RuiPing having his "Breakfast"!!!

...and finally... WE REACH THE PEAK!!!

here is the peak of GUNUNG NUANG!!! (and KahGiap karate chop the sign board! hahaha...)

CONGRATS!! Jeep had success reach the peak of Gunung Nuang!


here goes the group photo!!! CONGRATS to EVERYONE!! ^^

here got 2 short video clip ^^

location : Gunung Nuang
camera : Canon G9
special thanks to Jeepeng, KahGiap, and RuiPing~

7th Dasein Graduation Ceremony 2008

1st of all, i would like to Congrats to my dear gf, YeaTin! Congrats for her graduation ^^ and also thanks for invited me to her convocation. (hahaha... to become her personal photographer^^)

i wanna thanks to KahGiap who borrow me this 50mm lens and also thanks to Jeepeng for sending the lens far away from Seri Kembangan, so that i got the opportunity to try on 50mm lens and get nice pics for my gf on her convocation. thanks guys ^^

finally YeaTin finish her 3 years of Diploma for Illustration, and she is 1 of the Top Student in few semester, i really so proud of her!! Cheers for u my dear ^^

the principal of Dasein.

group photo session~

YeaTin with her family.

... with her college friends...

... with her Illustration Lecturer...

location : The Legend Hotel
camera : Canon 350D (50mm 1.8)
special thanks to YeaTin & her family, KahGiap and Jeepeng

"TIME" to celebrate~

already few years we both together, and spend a lots of great moment together, and this year anniversary i bought u a present, a present tat can represent perfect moment between past and future, a thing that always has a past and now... although is simple and nothing much special bout this present... but i still hope u will like it...

so here u r, ODM Zen series watch.

like it??

my Unerring III & ur Zen