recently i took a roll of slide to develop at my house area...
and the result come out is really give me a big surprise!!!
because tat lab guy said he never try crossprocess before,
so i really worry wat will happen to my slide...
but after i go and collect...
Wow! all the pic, the color look amazing!
i really feel very very happy and exciting!!!

New Theme~

finally i finish design another new theme for my NDSL~
(long time didnt change my NDSL theme...)
this time i using YaYaWoo as my theme,
i like this design very much!
some more it got LOMO color!

"excuse me, wheres china town?"

...don know why, today every 1 rushing back home sharp at 6pm,
but for me is a good, at least i can go back earlier.
so as usual, go to LRT station take LRT go back home.
while i stand at the station wait for the train, suddenly got a lady voice come from my back,
"excuse me, may i know wheres china town is?"
oh... is a lady bag packer! erm... because my english is poor, so i didnt say much,
but i draw her a clear and simple map for her, because she don hv any map on her hand.
on they way to the station tat she wanna go, we got chit chat a bit,
but didnt talk much, just know she from Mexico.
haiz... don know when i can become a bag packer and travel every where just like her.
hope she can find the "china town" tat she looking.

and today, finally i finish my YaYaWoo member "FACEs".
hope my member can accept this.

YaYaWoo family 'NEW' member!

Please welcome, YaYaWoo new family member, GaGaWee!!!
hahaha, just finish this design,
finally finish the 3rd character for YaYaWoo family...
but i still got the 4th 1 need to create...
4th member is the last 1 for now on,
may be future will come out some others member for YaYaWoo family.
u guys like it?

today, bought something...

will show on cinema this thursday, so today after work, i straight away go to KLCC and try to get the tickets for thursday.
and luckily i get it! hahaha!!! happy ^^
after bought the ticket... then visit the converse shop in KLCC, and i saw a small beg, look quite nice, and then i think it can fit my 'dear' LC-A, so bought it !
then i saw a ear phone, then i also bought it, so tat i can use it on my NDSL while i playing games on LRT...
this month
i really need to eat grass... wallet almost empty....
haiz... seems like i cannot control my finance properly...
who can help me!!



actually, me and some friends decide to come a small design group (named, YaYaWoo)
although, we busy with our own work, and own life...
but at least i know our heart still got the "HIT" there, never warm down,
recently, we finally can get some free times to do some of our design...
above there is my latest design for our group,
hope we can keep up our good work...
and then we can another 1 step closer to the success!

A wishful way

A wishful way
by Hopscotch

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