another new month is here, and got new songs in my blog that from : Sambassadeur
Sambassadeur info at bottom and hope u guys enjoy it ^^

Sambassadeur from Göteborg started out in the small town of Skövde in the autumn 2003 where Joachim, Daniel P, and Anna found themselves studying. The three sambassadeurs got together as they found out that their taste in music were quite the same. The band of Sambassadeur began one night at Joachim’s small apartment where Daniel and Joachim had got together for recording a song. Despite the fact that they where too shy to even look at each other when first playing their songs, the short session resulted in the recording of the song “There you go”.

Dreamy Days...

this is my 4th roll of Pinhole... and this time i scan myself in office by using Canon 4400F scanner. and the result is totally lovely~ because finally i can get the dreamy pinhole feel from the negative, is really lovely!! I LOVE IT!!! ^^
and i like the pinky and purplelish color tat appear in the pics, make it more dreamy~
(from the dreamy feel, just like u saw it b4 from any of ur dream...)
and the exposure is more accurate and better than last few rolls ^^ so happy to c the improvement~

now i trying my 5th rolls... and this time i going to try normal single shoot with pinhole~
hope can get something different and feel the surprise from it ^^

thanks for viewing~

ps: the last pic, is pic tat i drop and lost my lens... so is 'over' liao... sad T_T


Recently, something bad happen at Desa, Wangsa Maju...
wat bad thing happened?? ... is DBKL, they come and destroy few of Desa Chinese food court and food stall. I'm not sure what really happen that make them destroy it... but the sure thing i know is totaly UNFAIR!!!
y unfair?? because all the food court they destroy is Chinese food court... and the Malay food court tat in the same area they didnt destroy!!! this is too UNFAIR!!!
after they destroy it, a lots of those hawker cant continue their business and we also lack of food now!!! i really don understand y DBKL do like that!!! 6 main food court at Desa destroy in 1 day!!! i really very shock when i c this while i finish my work on Wednesday, 21 MAY 2008... this is totally mad!!!

and then Friday i receive a SMS from my fine art classmate... they said at nite they going to do some Graffiti to express the UNFAIR bout DBKL!!!
so i joined them, and take some pics there~
i receive this sms earlier, so tat i forward to some others local graffiti artist tat i know to ask them to join it, such like Bibichun, THEY and their friends~
and also got some others DASEIN Fine Art student join this activities... so is quiet happening~

because is too happening, so got crowds of ppl standing there and watching us... and then suddenly got ppl shout "POLICE!!!", then i saw blue lights and we all start running away from there!!! Police start to pursuit ppl... but failed...
tat was really lucky for us...
(the last pic is i took when i far away from the police...)

any way... i jus hate it they treat us so UNFAIR!!! >.<

Dad's 'new' car

hahaha... after u guys c the pics i post there...
sure u guys will confuse where got new car??
and only can c a piece of junk there, rite?

nope... that car really is my dad 'new' car~

last few years, my dad bought this classic old car...
( i don know wat model is this car...)
he love this kind of classic old car~ so he bought it... juz too bad is broke, have to fix it then only can get back to the road... but we all understand this kind of old car is hard to find spare parts... and it takes time to fix it...

last time my dad put it at his friends workshop...
and until last week i visit to the workshop, the car still there and is still not working...
really hope this car can be fix it and so tat my dad can enjoy the ride with his classic car~

and this car after pimp it... is really very cool, check it out the pics at the bottom, from Pimp My Ride!!

Poh Pia

Last Weekend, i went back to visit my parents at Kuantan.
then my mom said wan to make Poh Pia for me to eat, then i said GREAT!!!
(because quite long time didnt eat the Poh Pia tat my mom make)
hehehe... once all the ingredients ready then my mom start to wrap the Poh Pia~
my mom and my auntie they wrap together, and we sit there and wait for eat, hahaha...
some simple ingredient mix together then wrap it nicely with skill, then deng deng~
Poh Pia is done, and is DELICIOUS!!!
i ate 2 then i totally full already, don see is just a simple small snack,
actually can make u very full easily!!! hehehe...
and sure i need to gv a BIG thanks to my dear mom who make such delicious POH PIA for me~


今天, 五月的17号, <图腾的后现代生活>一年了!!!

还记得, 开始第一次BLOG, 我就写了这段话:


好吧! 就继续让我在这空间,再继续让我做个自由人吧!!

谢谢你们的支持!!! 谢谢你们!!!

A small gift...

last yesterday, after work when i reach home, i so surprise to see this in my room...
is a TRANSFORMERS Classic Deluxe : BUMBLEBEE!!!
and also got a small note on top the box...
is a sweet small gift from my gf~ (not greeting season gift la...)
is a gift that thanks for giving some help for her final exhibition~
and now she at her hometown having some rest and enjoying her holidays...
before she go back, she left it in my room ^^
thanks la dear~

ps : i really love this Classic Deluxe series Transformers, because every each of them got a lots of very nice details, and is classic~ some more the movement and the transformation they did is really very well done~ i totally love it!! hahaha...

3rd try on pinhole and the result

here is my 3rd roll of pinhole result, check it out~
leave me some comments ya ^^

(click the image for bigger view)