Revenge Of The Fallen - STARSCREAM!!!


Ok, this TF2 Starscream almost look alike same as the version of TF1, but actually this version is upgraded! ^^
They improved quite a lots in this version (compare with TF1 version), specially the way how Starscream transform and also the body thickness of Starscream finally reduced!!!

Overall I'm quite ok with this TF2 version... just abit disappointed with the movement it can pose... specially the leg and the hand... although they got improve the huge canon hand into claw, but still too bad the finger cant move~

ok, here is the pics:

The TF1 Starscream is Takara Version, so TF2 also ^^ (actually only add on the sticker on the box >.<)

The box is also improved! (easier to open ^^)

Starscream in F-22 form.

... and here comes the STARSCREAM!!!

the most interesting part that impress me is the gear on the chest, it really can MOVE!

Starscream overall out look.

... honestly, TF2 version movement kinda bad, cant really make a nicer pose >.<

the back of Starscream also look more simple.

TF1 & TF 2, can u see the difference from both of them? (TF2 look more nice rite?)

TF1 & 2, in F-22 form.

erm... actually not bad la this TF2 version ^^
...and tonight, we will go for TF2 movie,

Rust Resist - GULFMAN!!!

Quite long time i didnt post any stuff that i bai jia~
but this time not me bai jia, this time is Guanyin Ma bai jia, hahahaha ^^

and thanks to lovely Ten10 who help her get this very cool G-Rescue (Men In Rescue Orange) G-9100R-4DR Gulfman !!!

after Guanyin Ma got this G-Shock, make my heart itchy and wanna get 1 G-Shock for myself too ^^

here got some details that i really love from this G-Shock:

It looks so tough and cool!

the Moon Data and Tide Graph is very interesting.

I damn love the back engraving behind the back casing! SUPERB!!!

very cool Electro-luminescent backlight~

and this is the G-RESCUE - GULFMAN!!!

The Crossover Between Manager & Staff

I think this is my 3rd roll of playing crossover with my friends.
and this time... i double it with my A&P Manager, Francine Tham. ^^

a roll of Kodak EBX,
2 travel sport, Barcelona x Malacca,
2 different camera, Holga 135bc x Natura Classica,
2 different time, 2008 x 2009,
and 1 SUPRISE !!!

Thanks for viewing ^^

Home Of The Day

LOL... this is the very 1st time i got LOMO Home of the Day!!!

and Thanks for all visited and the wishes in my LOMO HOME ^^

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】 + ALL NIGHT LONG WITH LCA Party!!!

another version from my lovely Natura Classica (with my favorite EBX).
and again, that night is really a very very unforgettable night ^^
i still can feel it, remember it...

what a wonderful night.
full of cheer and joyful.


【樂魔 the Negative Effect】 counter.

YingTze and Xiang so busy with the registration counter.

Leng Lui selling 【樂魔 the Negative Effect】 collectible item

Datuk Reinert damn enjoy with this LOMO Tattoo thing.

hehehe... Yu Heng and Me ^^




"YAM SENG!!!" (Cheers)


【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Premiere Screening (instax version)

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】Premiere Screening
Finally! the movie on the BIG screen in cinema!!!

for me, is really an unforgettable night!

【樂魔 the Negative Effect】, bring us all together, sit down together, watch together, laugh together, cry together, happy together, enjoy together ^^

Thanks to Dick, KahGiap and all the LOMO friends make this happen.
LOMO really make my life extra colorful, extra wonderful ^^

here goes some mini instax we took at Premiere Screening, and also 25th Anniversary LCA Party!!!

1st time meet up 宇珩 ^^

The Director Dick Chua and KahGiap ^^

Lomo Girls ^^

The 25th birthday guy, Cheng Chong Fung.

The 8 StoreyTree Boss Jimmy and Miss Sexy Noreen ^^

2 leng lui (BeeBee & Guanyin Ma)

The Lomo Gang!!!

and we went to MELAKA the next day!!!

Ladies & gentlemen, and to whoever missed the premiere:

We have a good news for ya!
due to the many good responses and requests, here we come -
The 2nd screening for 【樂魔 the Negative Effect】!


Keith & Jessie, Happily Ever After ^^

Keith and Jessie, Wish u both happily ever after ^^

the wedding dinner is GREAT!!! very HAPPENING!

(i tot Keith will wear something else like Trooper Custome or Kamen rider come out ^^)

Pipit Mike & Ivery and lovely Keith & Jessie ^^

Pipit Gang ^^ (Julian, welcome back ^^)