LordTown x Matchwood Messenger Bag

Hohoho! Lately I bought a messenger bag for myself (since now I got my own fixed gear).
This bag is a crossover project between local brand LordTown and Taiwan brand Matchwood.
and I really love the details for this messenger bag, hope I rocks this messenger bag together with my fixed gear ^^

Hohoho, the messenger bag is inside this bag (I like this bag too ^^)

Is really cool~!

LordTown, from Malaysia.

Matchwood, from Taiwan.

Here goes the details inside the bag.

I love this red Matchwood strap ^^

Inside the bag got BIG space! and got a lots of very useful compartment too!

Inside also got this water resistant bag, cool rite?

Got 2 reflective strap at the bottom of the bag, so that vehicle from behind can see it when u ride your fixed gear at nite, always safety 1st ^^

the back of the bag also got 2 pockets!

Well, I really love the big space and all the compartment inside this messenger bag, is really useful and easy carry ^^
For those who looking for a messenger bag lately, I really recommended this 1 ^^
and hope u guys going to love it too~

You and Me

2010, Happy Valentines.

The Sands and The Sea

Some pics to share from the trip I lately, PULAU PERHENTIAN.

Me and my friends (lomo gang), we all having a short trip and escape to this beautiful island call Pulau Perhentian. This is my 1st time visit to this beautiful island, thanks to Dick and Xiang organized this trip and we really enjoy this trip to the max! ^^

and here goes some lomo pics I took in this trip, I only choose some of my favorite 1 to post here:

Early in the morning, and we going on board soon ^^ (excited)

on the way going down to the beach, and this is the place where we stay, Cocohut.

some coral underwater

the crystal clear sea water...

so relax...

enjoying the blue blue sky with no cloud

I wish I'm sitting there now >.<

I miss the sound of wave...

you see the cat there also relaxing~

for more photos, pls click into my facebook album :

and thanks for viewing