YaYaWoo x Nakanari at MPH NYC

Wah! Wah! Wah! so happy la!!!
hahaha... too excited here...
because I finally can see YaYaWoo artwork hang on the wall at MyPlasticHeart NYC
really very big thanks to Nakanari invite YaYaWoo crossover with famouse SPIKI.
thanks for giving such big chance so tat YaYaWoo can exhibit at NYC~
now really hope can go to NYC and visit to the exhibition~
the exhibition looks cool man~ and here wish u all the best in this exhibition!!
Nakanari, thanks again dude!!!

more pics bout this exhibition : http://flickr.com/photos/24055825@N07/

Cerruti 1881 Night

Recently i'm quite busy with my work...
rushing all the stuff for last night... CERRUTI 1881 launching at Pavilion.

is a very successful event. everything is great and beautiful.
we also got invite some celebrities come and join the event.
and the best part is i got chance to join them preparing the watches for them at Pavilion C. CLUB
and also having drinking session at C. CLUB after the event.
sure i won miss out the chance to take pics with them ^^

is really enjoyable night ^^ (although is very tired...)

大人の科学 : Stereo Pinhole Camera

finally i get this 大人の科学 : Stereo Pinhole Camera!!!

the 1st page i open up...

camera tat inside the box...

need to combine it ourself... like playing Gundam la... wuahahaha...

spend some times... and deng.. deng.. deng.. deng... DONE!!

I still remember last time (i think is last year...) i visit to Hong Kong Lomo forum, i saw a guy use a pinhole camera to shoot some panorama view with impressive result... and is poison me... but too bad the camera is not selling in M'sia...

and guess what? last night i take a walk in Kinokuniya and i found this:

finally, i get 1 of this camera!!!
wuahaha.... so happy and damn excited!!!
the 1st thing i do when i reach home is open the box~
and this pinhole camera is totally DIY, juz like a plastic toy!!
i combine all those parts together carefully...
spend some very concentrate times... and is DONE!!!

now i cant wait to load the film and try it out!!
wish my luck guys~
and the stereo effects, i have try already...
is totally amazing!!! is 3D wuahaha...

A little girl name JUN JUN

1st time meet with her in company trip...
She is Kenny Lim's lovely daughter, we all call her JUN JUN~
she is so adorable, so cute and so smart!!
although she is still very young, but she already know the basic manner!
she is so friendly, not scare of people... and she can play with every one!!
really long time didnt c this kind of adorable kids now days...
hope to meet with u again Jun Jun...

Shang Hai