Kamen Rider Decade

thanks to Ah Low intro me this latest Kamen Rider series, Kamen Rider Decade!!!
why i suddenly intro Kamen Rider in my blog??
wat so special bout this Kamen Rider??

nah... i just wanna show u guys tat Kamen Rider also like to take picture, hahaha...
some more he is using the BlackBird Fly!!!

Masahiro Inoue

Kamen Rider DECADE

some of the movie screen~

nah, u see, the red color BBF he using ^^

some more is custom red color for Kamen Rider Decade.

Happy Birthday Damien ^^

"Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to you,
Happy Birthday to DAMIEN!!!
Happy Birthday to you~"

Dom, Sue and Damien, lovely family ^^

me and lovely Damien ^^

and we r the LOMO gang ^^

dude, thanks for inviting us to this warm birthday party!
we really enjoy it!! we can hang out together again,
sit down, eat, talk, alcohol, cameras, tattoo, gadget,kicks, poison...
...thanks for every thing la!!
really appreciate ^^

PS: hope Damien love the toy ^^

Family • 家人

this is my mom, my dad, and my youngest brother.
thanks to my dear lovely cousin, Vivien, who help us take this pic~
by using her lovely Canon 450D ^^

although i got a few cameras, i got take pics where ever i go...

but after i saw this pic, then only i realize tat...
really quite long time we didnt take pics together in a family.
i think since i study at Kelantan independent school tat time,
until now, really didnt take much pics together...

suddenly feel so sorry la...

ok, i promise myself, next time go back to hometown,
must take more pics with them ^^

mom n dad, I ALWAYS LOVE YOU!

Happy Valentine's and Happy Buying ^^

hey guys~ HAPPY VALENTINE'S!!!
so how u guys celebrate it with the one u love?? ^^

oh... well, since guanyin ma went back to hometown on last Thursday nite,
so i decided to walk around and shop around on Saturday (Valentine's day) ^^

some more my personal financial assistant (guanyin ma) is not around,
and i really pick up a lots of stuff ^^

let see wat have i bought~

1st, i buy my dear DS a new pouch, from CAPDASE.

at the 1st sight on the red color and the design, i fall in love with it ^^

the design inside the pouch also look very nice~

since i got myself an iPod shuffle... and i found this, iFly

actually i saw this headphone b4 in magazine, but nvr knew tat got selling in M'sia ^^

so, once i found this iFly, i didnt think so much...

after i try it, and then i bought it ^^ muahaha....

and this is how it works, is a very simple and easy to use~

some more is easy to keep as well, cool rite??

and bought a new color lace to replace the original black color, and now look nicer ^^

i also bought few music albums,
and present for Damien 1st birthday ^^

...after tat, buy some ingredients...
and head back home,
start cooking...
had a simple self cooking dinner at home,

... and this is how we celebrate our valentines~
cheers ^^

and again, Happy Valentines every body!!!

13号 与 14号

别误会,13和14我并非想说是 “一生一世” 的意思,

她最近忙着把她所有的梁静茹专辑收入进她的新玩意儿,iPod nano.

13号的她, 和14号的我.


比如说,银行等待的号码,巴士的座号,戏院里的座号, 等等


nano nano~

yup~ this Saturday is Valentine's day again~
erm... me and yeatin been together also quite sometime already...
so i decided to buy her something special in this year~
i bought something tat yeatin always wan it for quite long time...
and here it is, an early valentine's gift for her... iPod nano !!

and i also buy myself an iPod shuffle in the same time ^^

hope she will like it and take good care of it la~

my shuffle, and her nano

"Designed by Apple in California"

don ask me why i choose pink for my shuffle... all is because of yeatin >.<

her Black in color 16GB nano~

and 1 more thing...


Blue Zone + Snow Beer!!!

ok, because of the alcohol is still running around my blood, make me feel awakes...
so i decide to update my blog in the middle of the nite~

ok, 1st of all, thanks to Dominic and Sue bring us to this nice place...
Blue Zone!!!
and finally, i can try the "SNOW BEER" since last time i saw it from Dom's blog~
the snow beer is totally very superb cool and the taste, is totally GREAT!!!

here got some pics tat i took b4 i get drunk, or hand shake shake... >.<

yup, this is the cool SNOW BEER!!!

and also the very tasty Chicken Leg~

this is wat i order, Lobster Ball... and got 1 more Mermaid Fish, i forgot to take pic...

we enjoy the beer under the full moon~ really enjoyable ^^

hahaha... the out of focus version, but i really like the "ping pong" effect~ ^^

some more suddenly got fireworks to see...

my dear friend, Dominic and Sue

Sue so happy when listening to our lovely pass story ^^

the CCDA couple... Mr. Kah Giap and Mrs. YingTze ^^

YingTze concentrate to something that Sue telling to her~

"erm... yum yum... delicious la this Chicken Leg~"

our dear happy YMC ^^

ok, lets get back to tasty Snow Beer, YAM SENG!!!

i really enjoy having beer together with u guys tonight!
specially Dominic and Sue, we really long long time didnt hang out together~
hope next time we can hang out again at here, Blue Zone with the cool Snow Beer
Cheers.... i mean YAM SENGGG!!!

The Late and The Last pics from Chinon...

paiseh... paiseh... this roll of LUMIERE i put it inside Chinon since last X'mas '08...
lately only i finish it, and develop it~
(because Chinon broke down halfway using... so i unload and load it back inside LCA+)

as usual, I always damn love with the result come out from Chinon ^^
the color and the mood, the depth and the details~
everything is jus really damn nice ^^


too bad, my dear Chinon no longer shooting any pics for me...
because it broke down already...
i also got no idea wat happen with it...
(probably the mechanical inside the camera is too old...)
already change the battery still cannot turn it on~
without battery, i cant use it manualy also...
haiz... really sad...

and i think this will the last roll from Chinon...


BlackBird, Fly again... 2nd try

my 2nd try on BBF while CNY~
but since i didnt go any where... nothing much i can shoot...
just shooting around my house only~
and this time i wan to test out the original color tat BBF can get,
so purposely load n try out the Centuria negative.

the out come kinda surprise me~
everything is clear, color is fresh and sharp!!
and got black corner some more leh~
make the pics mood come out so nice~!!

kinda love this series ^^

going to load EBX for 3rd try... kekeke...

the pics i took morning...

the pics i took evening...