BlackBird, Fly again... 2nd try

my 2nd try on BBF while CNY~
but since i didnt go any where... nothing much i can shoot...
just shooting around my house only~
and this time i wan to test out the original color tat BBF can get,
so purposely load n try out the Centuria negative.

the out come kinda surprise me~
everything is clear, color is fresh and sharp!!
and got black corner some more leh~
make the pics mood come out so nice~!!

kinda love this series ^^

going to load EBX for 3rd try... kekeke...

the pics i took morning...

the pics i took evening...


Hooi said...

weih.. stop poisoning man..
Damn nice la the whole series, the color is really fresh and sharp, DOF also not bad. Is this already your camera or still borrow one?
Weih, next time come out borrow me again, I wanna try one snap can ar? Hehhee.. paiseh, always borrow snap only... :P

yayawoo said...

hahaha... where got poison??
next roll will try more on 1.8,
wanna c how good is the DOF~

nah, the camera is borrow la~
cant effort such expensive camera la!
wan to snap again? sure, why not~

Xiao Wei said...

wow.... nice picturesss ler... i like tat 1 got flower n the house behind 1... very nice wor~~~

yayawoo said...

thanks la xiao wei ^^
tat flower i purposely shoot it with 1.8, wanna c the DOF it can get~
and the result not bad ^^

jeepeng said...

keian dia lah, sebab lca+nya sudah kaput.

yayawoo said...

oi... don mention bout my sadness la!
lca+ rosak really sad la~
chinon also rosak jor...
no only can play with BBF...
sad... >.<

lcfu said...

just simply like the way you take photos =) add oil!!

yayawoo said...

oh~ thanks for the support ^^
will shoot more~

Eunice K. said...

我回來了 ^_^

真是太開心!! ^0^

yayawoo said...

欢迎回来 ^^
在台湾一定很好玩吧!超爽的吧! ^^

从另一个角度来拍照还真不容易啊~ @..@
不过,出来的效果还不错的,还蛮喜欢的 ^^

Chiewata said...

edmund正喎。。期實BBF可以影landscape的我想試下影landscape。我又身痕想買lubitel 166+你有晤有玩過?

yayawoo said...

i don know how to make it landscape la~ teach me how la >.<
1 of my friend love lubitel so much~
wat is twitter?? let me google n search ^^