CHINON, my very 1st SLR camera

Ladies and gentleman, 1st of all... i would like to gv a BIG THANKS to my dear friend MICHAEL CHUA!!! Because this 35mm SLR CHINON CG-5 is a present from him!

although i'm don know wat brand for this SLR, but i think is from 80's~ and after i put back some batteries, and is still working! So i straight away load 1 roll of Lumiere 100 to try it out! The lens got some tiny water mark spot that i cant clear or clean it... but still won very effected the result i took for the 1st roll! So far, is still can use and the result is not bad! (for me la~)

so here is how the SLR looks like :

and heres the result that i tried from the 1st roll:
Ta Daaa~ this is pretty and cute Hooi Yee la~

Hooi Yee enjoying checking her pics from my DSLR ^^

check it out, this is how KahGiap shooting! kakaka.... very yeng rite?

the depth of view get from this 50mm 1.4 Chinon lens is absolutely awesome!

Pretty model posing at Pavilion KL main entrance~

this fellow macam very sad la... >.< cool sticker found at street around KLCC~

ha! can get 'black corner' effect some more~

camera : Chinon CG-5
film : Kodak Lumiere 100 (LPZ)
location : KL
special thanks to : MICHAEL CHUA

【走过的路】 - 蔡健雅

爱过恨过 走过的路 很多感触

location : Kuala Lumpur
camera : Canon 350D
special thanks to : Hooi Yee, KahGiap and YingTze

1st time visit to Malaysia International Fireworks Competition

1st of all thanks to Kah Giap and YingTze to let me join them for this Malaysia International Fireworks Competition nite on last Saturday, and also thanks a lot to Kah Giap to teach me how to shoot fireworks, THANKS dude!!

this is my 1st time shooting fireworks, and i learn a lots from Kah Giap, because he got a lots of experience on shooting fireworks like this! but too bad tat nite the fireworks tat design by China is not so impressive some more the wind blow all the smoke face to us... so the pics all we took is not good, we both not satisfied... ish... >.<

but for me is a very good experience, at least i hv learn some basic how to shoot fireworks ^^ and here got some of the fireworks pics tat i took tat nite... hv a look and comments r always welcome ^^

and for Kah Giap, THANKS AGAIN!!! ^^

location : PutraJaya
camera : Canon 350D
special thanks to : KahGiap, YingTze, 3 cute kids, S8J and his gf~

多谢嗮 Eunis~

an envelop tat cheer up my day ^^

yesterday afternoon, work until so damn boring and sleepy... so i decide to make some coffee to drink, and when the time i come back from kitchen, i saw THIS on my table...

is an envelop from HONG KONG... (colorful stamp ^^)

... is from Eunis (Eunice)!!! and this beautiful postcard is made by herself, a very stunning Lomo pic tat she took!!! ^^

Eunice from HONG KONG ^^ Happy! Happy!! Happy!!! ^^

and this is wat i get from Eunis envelop~ postcards, stickers and some souvenir from DIANA WORLD TOUR (HK) and OUR LAST POLAROIDS exhibition.

this is some thing fun tat Eunis give to me, the LIGHT PAINTER...

a tiny LED type torch light from Lomography...

and u can see got a Lomo Boy icon show up when u turn on the light!! cute rite?? kekeke....

i can do light painting with Lomo Boy every where and anytime now!! ^^

... taa daaaa.... and this is the leng lui Eunis (Eunice) la~ really thanks a lot to u, although i cant visit to the exhibition, but i still can get the souvenir from u! THANKS again ^^ really hope next time we can join the next exhibition with u guys at HONG KONG la! waiting for tat day to come ...

and again, THANKS ^^