Finally u here!!!

so happy finally u here!
yesterday b4 Dom leave office,
he pass me my Nike Air Max Light,
and i feel damn excited!!!
and when i look inside, really love the color way in the 1st sight!
Dom, really thanks a lot intro me this nice sneaker!
damn poisoning dude!

Thanks to u Kenny and Kit~ c u next time^^

last nite is MCC 07 last day...
so fast already 3 days~
and last nite got chance to hv dinner together with Kenny, Kit and others Comic King artist.
Kenny really a funny and friendly person, really damn enjoy tat dinner~
hahaha, he really look like Bok Lai (my fine art lecturer)
and thanks to Kenny Chua for the dinner^^ really glad tat can talk to u~
b4 Kenny left the events me and alvin got gv a little help to packing his Molly stuff~

and final, thanks for the autograph on my NDSL^^
hope can c u again next time...

and wish ur Molly ODM watch very good selling~

Having great time in MCC 2007~

Mc, Alvin, Me and Kenny~

Kit and me

Kenny and Mollys~

Kenny Drawing Gundam~

Wat i bought from MCC 2007, cool stuff!!!

Molly's Collection, and thanks to Kenny for tat Molly sticker ^^

This year Malaysia Comic Carnival totally awesome!!
full of program!! i so enjoy the carnival!! really having great time there~
and very happy to meet Kenny and his wife, kit~ u guys r very very very friendly^^
and thanks for Michael Chua lets us join them, so tat i can more enjoy the carnival!
although my art work only get consolation prize, but still feel very happy for it!
found out tat now days, m'sia youngster got more and more talented to draw very well,
really feel glad for tat!! ^^ hope can c more nice art work in future.

now i cant wait for next M'sia Comic Carnival.
hope can meet Kenny and Kit again next time ^^
wish all the best to u guys...

Specially for Molly@Kenny

last nite juz finish this crossover art work for Kenny from HK~
will try to pass it to him on sunday, and hope he like it! hahaha...
quite enjoy and happy to do this art work,
because every time look at Molly sure will make ppl feel happy^^
hope can get 1 Molly figure toy soon...

Dogathon 2007

tat day sunday wake up early morning for this dogathon event~
wow, tat day really got a lots a lots of dogs!! but too bad no many hot chicks around there tat day.
so happy can meet jhunnie, jeep and iamwen there, and enjoy the small outing there~
too bad i didnt bring Hachi there... but at least i can c Jeep "dan dan", "dan dan" is so cute la!!!
didnt shoot much tat day, because quite rushing, around afternoon, we all go back already.
So sorry to Jhunnie, Jeep and iamwen, because i hv to leave earlier... hope u guys understand and
hope u guys enjoy tat day! and also hope can meet dan dan again! next time should let dan dan and hachi be friend ^^
c u guys next year Dogathon 2008 ^^

YaYaWoo x PiPiTeers~

Recently finish another new art work,
and this time is crossover with Pipit forum, Pipiteers (Pipit forum members)
and this is the part YaYaWoo done...
and will post again while after every 1 is finish the whole thing.

1 year gift...

this month is august...
suddenly feel tat the time really pass faster and faster...
already work in this office for 1 year~
and the happiest thing is... i get a Free Watch!!!
Hahaha, really so happy!
thanks to u Mr. Kwan~

and this is the watch tat i choose for myself~
is PUMA latest model! hehehe... ^^

"Left Right Door God"

finally, last nite spend sometime to finish this art work ...
this "Left Right Door God" already delay for a long long time already...
now so happy because is finally finish...
and this art work juz make for fun only... nothing special about it~
may be is because i love Chinese cultural a lots ^^