Thanks to u Kenny and Kit~ c u next time^^

last nite is MCC 07 last day...
so fast already 3 days~
and last nite got chance to hv dinner together with Kenny, Kit and others Comic King artist.
Kenny really a funny and friendly person, really damn enjoy tat dinner~
hahaha, he really look like Bok Lai (my fine art lecturer)
and thanks to Kenny Chua for the dinner^^ really glad tat can talk to u~
b4 Kenny left the events me and alvin got gv a little help to packing his Molly stuff~

and final, thanks for the autograph on my NDSL^^
hope can c u again next time...

and wish ur Molly ODM watch very good selling~


夏娃 said...


dominic said...

nice nice....
seems like u got lotsa stuff this month huh?