Dogathon 2007

tat day sunday wake up early morning for this dogathon event~
wow, tat day really got a lots a lots of dogs!! but too bad no many hot chicks around there tat day.
so happy can meet jhunnie, jeep and iamwen there, and enjoy the small outing there~
too bad i didnt bring Hachi there... but at least i can c Jeep "dan dan", "dan dan" is so cute la!!!
didnt shoot much tat day, because quite rushing, around afternoon, we all go back already.
So sorry to Jhunnie, Jeep and iamwen, because i hv to leave earlier... hope u guys understand and
hope u guys enjoy tat day! and also hope can meet dan dan again! next time should let dan dan and hachi be friend ^^
c u guys next year Dogathon 2008 ^^