2.5" Molly Qee

today, bring Hachi went for grooming...
so while the waiting for them, we go to Time Square have some walk there.
then we visit to the XL shop there and check out some hot stuff there~

and then i saw this 2.5" Molly Qee ^^
look so nice! i didnt think so much, and straight away get 1, hahaha...
but also a bit worry and excited, because i don know which 1 i will get?
after i pay, i straigh away open it and check it out~
although i cant get the CLOCK CLOCK Molly, at least i can get the RED HEART Molly!
hahaha, really happy la!! ^^


last nite, i juz finish sew this doll last nite...
because recently thinkin wanna come out some YaYaWoo concept doll...
so try to sew 1 and try 1st...
and... this is the result~
erm... will come out more YaYaWoo concept doll soon^^
and hope u guys will support support la! ^^

YaYaWoo wallpaper for BEAUTIFUL JUNK~

new art work from YaYaWoo specially done for BEAUTIFUL JUNK wallpaper.

Olympus Pen ee 2 (half frame)

YES!!! finally i get my Olympus Pen ee 2!!
hahaha... thanks for "Ms. Camera" bring me this cam last nite~
i really appreciate it~ ^^
really very happy to get this half frame cam~

actually this cam not really belongs to me...
because this cam is actually a gift to my gf for this year birthday ^^
although, her birthday havent reach yet...
but when i show her last nite,
she totally crazy bout it, and love it so much!
hahaha... so happy ^^

we already loaded up with film...
and now waiting for take some shoot with it ^^


recently, i receive a lucky draw prize (2nd prize from MCC MERDEKA GRAND CONTEST)
and then wat i get is this, a FIGARTI TIGER I tank!! (limited edition)
hahaha... when i know i get 2nd prize, i really don know should be a happy or unhappy?
happy, is because i get 2nd prize; unhappy, i don like tank at all, wuahaha.... ^^
but when the time i get this prize from Kenji, wow, is really damn heavy man!! (and thanks for Kenji pass this prize for me).
when i reach home i opened up, and really suprise me!
now i know y is limited edition, because inside the tank is damn damn damn details and all the details is damn clear! really impressive.... and really shock me too!
erm... after i take some shoot for this tank,
then i pass this tank to my gf younger brother, i think he will like it~
juz don know he will appreciate it or not~

YaYaWoo sticker ver. 2

**thanks for Art-Tech from 84 Cube snap this few cool shot for us ^^

recently YaYaWoo come out new set sticker (ver.2)
juz finisht the design before the CultureCite event (early morning 6am >.<) and then straight go to print out and then sell it at CultureCite event~ also together with some 75mm badges. only got 24 (really limited), and now only got 12 left~ ^^ sticker still got few set left, if interesting, feel free to let me know ok? and thanks for the support ya~ later after i develop my HOLGA pics tat took tat day, i will post it here too ^^ enjoy~

My new toy, Seagull

Yesterday, i went to KLCC meet up with LomoGraphyAsia prince, Jhunnie~
y meet up with him? because he miss me? hahaha... no la....
just because i wanna get my SEAGULL!!!
although Sat, i cant meet up with Marlboro, but thanks to him tat pass the seagull to Jhunnie,
so tat i can get it so fast ^^
damn, really thanks to u guys la!!
if not because of u guys, sure i cant get my seagull so damn fast ^^
and also need to thanks to YaYaWoo member tat gv me a ride in heavy raining day to KLCC
to get my dear SEAGULL~
Thanks a lots to u guys!!
SEAGULL, finally i get u! and u so cool man!
cant wait to hv a seagull outing with others seagull collectors....
guys, let hv a seagull outing, so tat i can learn how to shoot from u guys la!!
until now i still don know how to use it la.... paiseh....

Recently, i'm crazy with this game...

recently, i juz get this new game...
and i love it so so much!!
almost everyday morning when i take LRT to work and sure i play with it!!!
is really a nice and cool game~
i found this video in youtube,
so tat u guys can c how fun to play with it:
enjoy ^^