iPhone x Blog

Ha! This is my very 1st time using my iPhone to blogging! (just wanna try and see how it works!)

And today is our LOMO gang, YMC wedding big day!!! CONGRATS to YMC and her husband, Choi.

Here goes the pic of gorgeous YMC:

Wish both of u all the best and happily ever after! ^^

<百年好合> - 复古之夜

hahahahaha.... really happy to join KahGiap and YingTze wedding dinner at PURPLE CANE!

we really really really having a lots of fun there~
nice food, nice service, nice place! (should bring my parent to try out the food there again, specially the tea soup~ really nice ^^)

we also eat a lots, drinks a lots, take a lots of photos, LOL a lots, and also HUAT a lots!!! ^^

Double Happiness~

The Retro Ladies~

The Classic Gentleman~


Lovely YingTze with KahGiap before get drunk ^^


LOMO Table No.1

LOMO Table No.2

LOMO Table No.3


The Axe Gangsta!!!

Wedding Cup Cakes~

Ha, KahGiap start to get drunk already ^^

KahGiap, we wish u and YingTze Happily Ever After!!! ^^

[Natura Classica] <百年好合>

here goes other pics took by Natura Classica, and all the pics shoot by Guanyin Ma.

YingTze said: "after today, you are mine, hahahahaha...."

really love this benz, so classic ^^

"Fuk Xing Gou Jiu"

"hehehehe... YingTze, I'm coming!!!"

"After all this, YingTze are MINE!!!"

That is how to become a JOKER!

Brothers acting cute, LOL!


pls focus to right bottom corner... Nasi, u did it again... >.<

Ji Muis~

The place we HUAT AHHH!!! ^^

KahGiap face look LOL ^^

Team HUAT "A"

Team HUAT "B"


and the last pic, yeatin and me ^^

[Mini Diana] <百年好合>

This time trip to Perlis, really is a GREAT TRIP!!!
1st time become "Brothers", and very enjoy everything that happen in that day ^^

here goes my pics from Mini Diana:

KahGiap with the very old school Mercedes Benz.

KahGiap is ready to go! and Thats the driver ^^

on the way to look for YingTze. (actually very very very near only ^^)

before they start, lets take some pics 1st~

1st round, Brother's play quiz that Sister's prepared.

2nd round, Beer session prepared by Uncle Lim ^^

sign on the 'promise' and YingTze belongs to KahGiap ^^

we can see that YingTze very happy ^^

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Lee ^^

wish u both happily ever after ^^


Since I interested on coloring and repaint figure lately, and at the same time I also bought a GUNDAM MARKER Pen to try it out ^^ (I feel like wanna draw those line for long long time jor)

I bought this BB Gundam Exia from Bandai warehouse sales. Is quite cheap, so thinking to buy it and try to learn how to draw those details line. Luckily my office, got 1 guy very good in Gundam, so i ask him to teach me how to draw those lines so make it more nicer!

and guess what?
after draw out those line on the model kit, is really looks more nicer than before!!!
here goes some pics after i draw the line :

So, izzit look more nicer and more solid after draw out those line?

the back of EXIA.

overall out look.

lets try out some pose.

another pose.

This is the BB Gundam Astray I bought it last few year when I 1st visited to HongKong.
so I also draw out those line for it ^^

and now got a box of 1/100 GUNDAM waiting me to finish it.
Thanks to William who let me to try it on his GUNDAM~
so stay tune for that ya ^^

and Thanks for Viewing!

Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen - Skids (Repaint)

Now I found out that, re-painting figure is very interesting and very fun work to do ^^
specially when after finishing re-paint the figure, really feel so satisfied and feel so happy!!!

Here goes my 1st re-paint figure i done lately, TF2 - SKIDS!!!

Thanks to Keith who teach me how to re-painting! He teach me how to re-paint some part of the figure, so it won look so plastic. I didnt re-paint the whole thing, I only re-paint back the metal part, try to make it look more solid! and try to come out the metal looking on his body and machine part.

here goes some pics of the details:

SKIDS, the overall outlook after re-paint

the front view

the back view

the close up on his head (love his GOLD teeth ^^)

the head part is quite small, quite hard to control, but i still very satisfied ^^

some close up details pic

the bottom part (the Gold part can make it looks more layer and show more details)

don forget bout the inside part of the door

the back of the arm

the details on the Right arm (also put on some scratches)

lets give it some pose~

the Right arm can pop out too

too bad i didnt hv the green color to re-paint back some of his body parts. but for the 1st time for re-painting, i feel very satisfied and feel excited when i finish it ^^

now I cant wait to re-paint the ICE-CREAM TRUCK!!!