ok, honestly this year STGCC'09 i bai jia a bit 'more' than last year... but i really happy bai jia this time ^^
i bought few very cute designer toys, some more i got chance to let them signature on it ^^

ok la~ let the pic tell the story la ^^

for those who got watch Transformers 2 movie, sure can easily recognize this cute little Ice-Cream truck ^^

this Ice-Cream truck is the very 1st item i get in STGCC! Guess what? it already sold out before the event open for public
(I'm so lucky to get 1 of this, because after i bought this, i saw others toy booth selling a lots expensive than the price i get)

Yeah, 2 robots combine into 1 vehicle, Skids and Mudflap!
(i think i will re-paint some of the part of them ^^)

2nd item i love most is this... Winson Classic Creation - Adam Kingdom. Adam!!!
(so happy for the big signature on the box ^^)

The design is base on his hand made 12" Apexpolorers ADAM.

More details about this Adam vinyl figure by Winson Ma.

and Yes! is a limited vinyl!

guess what? it glow in the dark some more!!!

plus a little small gift from Winson, Sports Animal Artdol series~
really thanks a lot!!! (also thanks for those postcards and NDSL stickers ^^)

and this cute little Molly Qee series 2, is designer by Kenny Wong
and again so lucky i get the special color ^^
(too bad i miss the chance to let him sign on it >.<) Micro-Mic by Ultraman! this 1 is very cool! small but heavy!

actually i wanna buy the Treeson and Other Stories Blindbox Series (from Crazy Label), but too bad Sold Out jor... >.<

thanks for giving this cute Bubblefuns strap ^^
(although is just a small strap, but the packaging is nice)

finally i get 1 of this vinyl from Uglydolls! (thanks to Sandra give the other 1 ^^)

another vinyl toy by Joe Ledbetter, i love this 1, Finders Keepers ^^

Guanyin Ma also bought some To-Fu

the 3 small little To-Fu i get it from Gashapon ^^
the middle and the black 1 is limited hidden character, so lucky ^^

here is all the stuff i bai jia and also got some other things i didnt take pics like To-Fu mouse pad, comic from Little Thunder and bla... bla... bla....
this time STGCC really enjoy ^^


S8j said...

rich man go rich place buy rich stuff!

Xiang said...

i agree with u S8j~

*the stuff u bai jia are cute lah... hahaha

Noel + Alarm said...

great stuffs...


yayawoo said...

S8j, adui wan said like tat meh... (actually all cheap cheap saja)

xiang, very cute rite? also very cheap saja ^^

alarm, thanks bro, thanks for drop by to my blog ^^

ling @ lengmuizai said...

Love the molly n TOFU~
miss the event again~ T.T
really must go nex year liao~

art:tech said...

wahhh......u said u didnt buy anything. damn. nice one, still cannot beat me, hahaha~

yayawoo said...

Ling, if got chance, take a visit la next year ^^ and also can travel to Singapore~

hahahaha, sure i cant beat u brader! the stuff u bought really a lots! how u bring back all the stuff?? (u bring back without the box??)

ronniedamini said...

WALAO!!!!!!!!!!! you buy so many stuff hahaha

yayawoo said...

Bro, don tell me u didnt buy anything there... sure u buy something too ^^

wonderkitten said...

Wow.. i soooo regret that i didnt go.... nice stuff you got there...

yayawoo said...

nvm la! join next year la ^^
make sure u prepare enough money before u go ok?
because u will crazy when u saw those toys ^^
(there also got LEGO booth)