This year Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2009 (STGCC) i having a lots of fun~! (although i go there is for working)

The best part is, i can meet up with a lots of friends and very cool designers! Also really very happy to make some new friends such like Winson and Little Thunder ^^ u guys really awesome~

erm... most of the time i spend is inside Suntec City, i didnt manage to visit or walk around in Singapore this time... but after work, when i walk back to hotel, found that Singapore really a nice place to longboarding! hahahaha...

and thanks for Julian (Lefty) treat me beer and dinner! really happy to hang out with this uncle ^^ cant wait to longboarding with him and others member~

Devil Robot, he is so COOL! friendly and nice guy!
when i took out mini instax, he said "oh! Cheki~"

Gary Baseman, he is a funny guy~
keep playing his design doll with others designers! ^^

tokidoki also a very cool guy!
he can open his own beer using his marker pen~
and he can speak a lots of different languages!

Joe Ledbetter~ love his design so much ^^
he is such a friendly person~
bought 1 of his figure, so cute!

this is my 1st time meet up with Winson, so happy to know him ^^
and thanks again for the BIG autograph on the box~

we all so happy to meet up her, Little Thunder!

the father of Molly, Kenny and his lovely wife, Kit ^^
so happy to meet up with them again~

Uglydolls, 1 of my favorite designer ^^
his ugly doll is so cute~

ps... so sorry to miss out the chance to meet up with few friends in Singapore and JB.
because of the stupid maxis didnt help me to turn on my auto roaming,
thats why i cant manage to contact you guys, sorry ya~ >.<


Eva Eva said...

yer. sombong

Hooi said...

edmund, you'resuch a big star, all the designers also wanna take picture with you.. Yeng la~!!!

yayawoo said...

LOL~ i wish i'm a big star ^^
too bad, i'm nothing if compare with them >.<
they really awesome!!! ^^

S8j said...

i only love lettle thunder,
u got her book?????
shit, i wish to have too....

yayawoo said...

S8j, sure i got her book!
we all bought 1! the event havent start already sold out ^^
(some more got autograph inside^^)

S8j said...

shit... when u wan to show me?

yayawoo said...

muahahaha... show u next time la! u remind me la ok? ^^