Since I interested on coloring and repaint figure lately, and at the same time I also bought a GUNDAM MARKER Pen to try it out ^^ (I feel like wanna draw those line for long long time jor)

I bought this BB Gundam Exia from Bandai warehouse sales. Is quite cheap, so thinking to buy it and try to learn how to draw those details line. Luckily my office, got 1 guy very good in Gundam, so i ask him to teach me how to draw those lines so make it more nicer!

and guess what?
after draw out those line on the model kit, is really looks more nicer than before!!!
here goes some pics after i draw the line :

So, izzit look more nicer and more solid after draw out those line?

the back of EXIA.

overall out look.

lets try out some pose.

another pose.

This is the BB Gundam Astray I bought it last few year when I 1st visited to HongKong.
so I also draw out those line for it ^^

and now got a box of 1/100 GUNDAM waiting me to finish it.
Thanks to William who let me to try it on his GUNDAM~
so stay tune for that ya ^^

and Thanks for Viewing!

Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen - Skids (Repaint)

Now I found out that, re-painting figure is very interesting and very fun work to do ^^
specially when after finishing re-paint the figure, really feel so satisfied and feel so happy!!!

Here goes my 1st re-paint figure i done lately, TF2 - SKIDS!!!

Thanks to Keith who teach me how to re-painting! He teach me how to re-paint some part of the figure, so it won look so plastic. I didnt re-paint the whole thing, I only re-paint back the metal part, try to make it look more solid! and try to come out the metal looking on his body and machine part.

here goes some pics of the details:

SKIDS, the overall outlook after re-paint

the front view

the back view

the close up on his head (love his GOLD teeth ^^)

the head part is quite small, quite hard to control, but i still very satisfied ^^

some close up details pic

the bottom part (the Gold part can make it looks more layer and show more details)

don forget bout the inside part of the door

the back of the arm

the details on the Right arm (also put on some scratches)

lets give it some pose~

the Right arm can pop out too

too bad i didnt hv the green color to re-paint back some of his body parts. but for the 1st time for re-painting, i feel very satisfied and feel excited when i finish it ^^

now I cant wait to re-paint the ICE-CREAM TRUCK!!!

Nike ACG Steel City Backpack

Deng~ Deng~ Deng~ Deng~!!!
this is my birthday present from guanyin ma - Nike ACG Steel City Backpack!!!

she bought from Singapore last month when she visited to the STGCC.
she keep inside her brother room, thats why i didnt notice at all bout this very cool backpack~
(that time i also in Singapore, but i'm working inside STGCC, so i don know she bought this bag.)

after celebrate with friends at Full House, when reach home, she took out the present!
and really surprise me! really love this backpack, some more is red in color ^^

here goes the details of the bag:

Nike ACG Steel City Backpack

erm... the photo i took not really nice, so i post another 2 pics that i found from web.

The Nike ACG Steel City Backpack has a durable design that's ready for urban and outdoor adventures and offers superior comfort and features designed to keep your gear safe and secure.

the details of the bag~

Thanks again for this cool bag la~ I'M LOVIN IT!!! ^^

A Fully Surprise Birthday ^^

1st of all, thanks to my lovely guanyin ma who organized and planning this totally very secret birthday for me! (she really very good in planning it quietly... i really didnt notice at all >.< !!!)

the most LOL part is, she keep ask me to call out my friend to celebrate birthday, ask them come out have a drinks together, but i only ask ah xiang and dick, yingtze and kahgiap... most of them not free... so i think hv to celebrate quietly and lonely this year birthday~ she just wanna let me feel disappointed >.<

then actually she already called everyone and dinner together at Full House!!!

thank you so much guys~
really happy to see u guys! (because feel like quite long time didnt meet up with u guys already)
thanks for everything ^^

and the most important is thanks to my lovely guanyin ma! Muacks~

thanks to my lovely guanyin ma ^^

Kahgiap and Hooi, thanks for the damn cool glove!!! ^^

thank you ah c for the 14% plum alcohol ^^
lee chen wei, thanks for the Polaroid pic, remember to scan for me ya~ ^^
thanks to nasi for helping us shoot mini instax, muahahahaha... ^^

thanks vava and bb for the Magic Triangle ^^
(erm... this pic too by nasi~)

Ah Xiang... control Ah Dick a bit la~
(thanks for the delicious strawberry cake^^)

thanks to ah hooi, wei wei, singblass, ymc, leng zai.... thanks to everyone ^^
paiseh paiseh, that night really very happy and excited, forgot to take pics with everyone~!

anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!

1st roll from Mini Diana.

ok, here goes my 1st roll of Mini Diana :
(some pics a bit dark, because that morning is cloudy... my 1st roll ma, sure not that nice >.<)

The flat I'm staying ; The mamak I always take my dinner.

The School in front ; and pls don drive too fast.

Parking ; Driving.


Turn right ; and I reach my working place.

Love ; Peace

Tower Left ; Tower Right.

untitled 2

Trying the Square mode.

road light at Sg. Wang.

in front of Pavilion.


in front of Avenue K.

and now is already Chinese July... so don walk around late night ok?

I love my Mini Diana.
Thanks for viewing ^^

She's Pocket Sized and Super Sweet

Ha, finally i get this, Mini Diana~
no worry la! this time i didn't bai jia again la! I'm using my own LSI piggies point to exchange this very Hot item lately ^^
(some more those piggies almost expired lately, luckily Mini Diana launch on time ^^)

after this Mini Diana launch, every one crazy bout it and cant wait to get 1 of it!
Some more Pan poison us that night, let us feel and try it, then we all totally get poisoned!!!

is not very expensive, is cute and is mini ^^
i already finish a roll of films... hopefully today i can get to see the result la~

lately i got 2 new lover, "Stella" and "Diana" (both is girl name ^^)

the flash is bigger than the camera! hahahaha...