Since I interested on coloring and repaint figure lately, and at the same time I also bought a GUNDAM MARKER Pen to try it out ^^ (I feel like wanna draw those line for long long time jor)

I bought this BB Gundam Exia from Bandai warehouse sales. Is quite cheap, so thinking to buy it and try to learn how to draw those details line. Luckily my office, got 1 guy very good in Gundam, so i ask him to teach me how to draw those lines so make it more nicer!

and guess what?
after draw out those line on the model kit, is really looks more nicer than before!!!
here goes some pics after i draw the line :

So, izzit look more nicer and more solid after draw out those line?

the back of EXIA.

overall out look.

lets try out some pose.

another pose.

This is the BB Gundam Astray I bought it last few year when I 1st visited to HongKong.
so I also draw out those line for it ^^

and now got a box of 1/100 GUNDAM waiting me to finish it.
Thanks to William who let me to try it on his GUNDAM~
so stay tune for that ya ^^

and Thanks for Viewing!


Michael Chuah (a.k.a C2V) said...

so good~ help me to fix my gundam since you can draw line~

i got 3 box master grade keep for more than 5 years oso havent fix~~

help me please~~~

yayawoo said...

walao... MG wor, u dare to let me try? ^^
next time i go to ur house u show me la~