Transformers 2 Revenge of the Fallen - Skids (Repaint)

Now I found out that, re-painting figure is very interesting and very fun work to do ^^
specially when after finishing re-paint the figure, really feel so satisfied and feel so happy!!!

Here goes my 1st re-paint figure i done lately, TF2 - SKIDS!!!

Thanks to Keith who teach me how to re-painting! He teach me how to re-paint some part of the figure, so it won look so plastic. I didnt re-paint the whole thing, I only re-paint back the metal part, try to make it look more solid! and try to come out the metal looking on his body and machine part.

here goes some pics of the details:

SKIDS, the overall outlook after re-paint

the front view

the back view

the close up on his head (love his GOLD teeth ^^)

the head part is quite small, quite hard to control, but i still very satisfied ^^

some close up details pic

the bottom part (the Gold part can make it looks more layer and show more details)

don forget bout the inside part of the door

the back of the arm

the details on the Right arm (also put on some scratches)

lets give it some pose~

the Right arm can pop out too

too bad i didnt hv the green color to re-paint back some of his body parts. but for the 1st time for re-painting, i feel very satisfied and feel excited when i finish it ^^

now I cant wait to re-paint the ICE-CREAM TRUCK!!!


S8j said...

why no before and after??

yayawoo said...

adui... i forgot to shoot b4 la >.<
nvm, next figure i already took the B4~

Hooi said...

ya lor.. should take pictures of before and after...
but this one is very very very good work liao.. well done edmund~!!

yayawoo said...

yeah lo... i forgot to take a pics b4 repaint la >.<
and thanks for the comment ^^