and again, testing 1, 2, 3...

since i'm still not really use to it with this new baby, Natura Classica.
so i took it to KLCC again for another round random shooting. ^^
(and also because it left half roll inside when come back from Perlis.)

KLCC really a good place to burn film tat left inside the camera ^^
and this time I think i can control it better.

ok, is me and Natura Classica ^^

Cold Storage again...

and again Cold Storage (kinda love this perspective angle ^^)

any body wan seafood??

KLCC really got a lots of this kind of machine, love to shoot them.

1 of the HOT item Lomographer like to shoot.

yes, is Shamelin, the place where i working now.


and GuanYin Ma all time favorite thing in the house, HACHI.

The Little Things

here is The Little Things that make us happy and excited all the time (specially girls)
YES! is the mini instax i'm talking about!
ok, here is some mini took by GuanYin Ma!!
hope u girls will love it la! ^^

"You are the most prettiest cloud in the sky!" ah beng said.

"I'm going to hold your little hand until my hair all turn to white (if that time still got hair la)" Ah Beng said again.

"Hahaha... now you are MINE!!!" Ah Beng said.

"no no no... you should said you belongs to me!!!" Ah lian said.

"ok la ok la! let you win la! I'm yours la! muack~"

hahaha... end up, Ah Beng belong to Edmund Li! muahaha...

Ah Beng & Ah lian + Friend Friend ^^

A Moment From Different Angles

ok, this is the series that GuanYin Ma took ^^
(with her Vivitar that got a lots of stickers!)

she hope u guys will love it~!

"Hey Lee, what u shooting at?? shoot me la! da bian!"

"where is my Lee go??"

"ok, 1... 2... and KISS!"

Let There Be Love

erm... I think better let the pics tell the story ^^

Thanks to KahGiap & YingTze, and the family ^^
and also all the ah beng and ah lian~
make the trip so wonderful
miss u guys so much ^^

testing... testing... 123...

Natura Classica, my 1st test roll with KODAK EBX (my favorite slides ^^)
erm... what can I said? the 1st try out is totally very OK!!!
(but got few pcs is under expose >.<)

after work, went to KLCC to burn the 1st test roll ^^

this 1, I'm trying the focusing, and the depth.

and also try out the colorful object, such like fruits and vege~

as usual, 1 of my favorite angle, shoot on the floor.

Rule 9, shoot from the hip.

oh yeah, this Re:S magazine very nice! (but kinda expensive, and I cant read Jpn >.<)

although is far on top of me, but the details still can see it clearly!!!

trying out the vignette.

erm... this year I'm going to get 1 of this, kekeke...

...for the 1st test out, overall... I'M LOVIN IT!!!
ok, and now I can continue and LOMO ON!!!

ps/ for more pics, pls click HERE.