Art For Grabs :: X'mas Special!!

been kinda long time i didnt visited to ANNEXE for events or exhibition...
last week, finally i got chance for me to drop by there again!
kinda miss that place...
because last year i almost spend every of my weekend there ^^
for joining those art bazaar, or exhibtion, or live indies music...
to support local indies art, design, music...
and this time, i visited ART FOR GRABS, XMAS SPECIAL!!!

from there really can find a lots of great handmade stuff!
from cool until cute, u also can find it there~
great gift for ur friends as christmas present ^^

here goes some pics tat i took,
from the pics u can c wat they selling,
and may be next time u can support them too ^^
enjoy, and HAPPY NEW YEAR guys~


Yo, CONGRATS to PIPIT for the successful PIPIT 2nd ANNIVERSARY!!!
so happy that yayawoo can celebrate PIPIT birthday again!!!
hope to join the 3rd, the 4th and the 5th... and until forever la~ hahaha...
once again, no PIPIT, no YAYAWOO ^^
thanks again to PIPIT for supporting local indie ART & DESIGN~!

event : PIPIT 2nd Anniversary
location : ZOUK, KL
camera : Canon 350D
special thanks to PIPIT Mike & Ivery ^^

Giă Giá Kuà Kuă Exhibition @ LCA+ version

here got some pics tat i took in Giă Giá Kuà Kuă Exhibition.
but, 1st of all, i have to mention tat, most of my pics tat i took...
totally BLUR and SPOILED!!!
reason?? LCA+ out of battery?? nope...
is because my LCA+ broke jor la!!! >.<


haiz... 1stly i also tot is run out of battery,
but after change to new batteries,
still the same, is not working at all!!!
the left LED is not working jor... >.<

... and now, here i post those CAN see :

Giă Giá Kuà Kuă Exhibition @ mini instax version

ehh... paiseh paiseh... those pics tat i took in
Penang, Giă Giá Kuà Kuă Exhibition.
i havent collect back yet,
i think probably will get it tonite and post it tomolo morning.
so here i post some mini instax pics tat we took in this superb fun trip ^^

happy group photo~Doctor Jeep and meme and lefty (thanks for superb special delicious curry puff!)