Family Day

1st of all have to said sorry to my LOMO gang~
sorry for my absent and didnt gv any help on the LOMO Exhibition preparation. >.<

and I very enjoy with my family day last weekend. ^^
thanks to my parents drop by to KL and visit me, thanks mom and dad~
also thanks to my auntie and uncle spend time to accompany and bring us walk around,
and thanks for the delicious buffet dinner at One World Hotel.

ok, from most of the pics, we can a cute little girl rite?
she's cute rite? whos is she? my sister? no la~ i don hv any sister~
she is my mom day care children, and we all love her so much!
my mom and dad treat her jus like their daughter or grandaughter! hahaha~
and she like to stick with our family too ^^
such a happy girl (but sometime quite naughty geh~)

erm... i'm not very good in telling story,
so jus sit back and let all the pics tell the story la ^^


mc said...

so happy family day!!! the little gal so cute~ she also treat ur parents like her parents~^^~

Ah Eva Eva said...

happy family day...i alwis love family day :D

Anonymous said...

edmund... is time... hahahahhahaha

Anonymous said...


yisuen said...

u look a lot like ur mom lol
especially side view :D

yayawoo said...

mc : yeah yeah~ she jus like part of our family ^^

eva : hahaha... u lagi syok la! always got family day~

S8j : is time ur head la~ where got so fast la!

yisuen : really? yeatin also said like tat ^^

jeepeng said...

ur dad was some kind of "Tai-kor" in Kuantan?

Anonymous said...


yayawoo said...

Jeep : wth! no la! my dad is a very quiet person la! not wat wat tai-kor la!

beebee : 我有那么大又可爱的女儿就好咯!!^^

Hooi said...

THat little girl is so cute~!!

yayawoo said...

hooi : YES! YES!! shes very very cute!! specially she got big round beautiful eyes ^^