1st of all, thanks fo Ivery and Mike invite us to this "DON'T PANIC DANCE"
and this is the 1st time we visit to the 4 season Quattro - WINTER.

Inside the club, it looks cool and also cold!! simple deco, not much things, oh yeah,some more got a small room tat will snowing for 5 minutes every hour, tats very cool rite?? ^^

tat nite, got performance from DJ G.I.A (Australia) and local famous COLOURAMA. Their performance is awesome! Specially the COLOURAMA, i love the way they playing and using those lo-fi equip to make music~ cant wait their performance again in PIPIT 2nd Anniversary!

also having a great time to chil out together, having some drinks with Pipit Mike & Ivery, Lefty and his dear wife Jasmine and the gang of Eighty Four Cube. Cheers~

Christmas is coming soon... so i think "Winter" is quite a nice place to hang out ^^


-mc- said...


yayawoo said...

mc : 是咯!是咯!我也没想到会那么的冷!那冰房是会下雪的,那里更冷啊!进去看看下就出来了!很简单,又有特色的酒吧~ 不错一下下! ^^