In C2V Houz

Last last week, Pipit Mike and Pipit Ivery, YaYaWoo member, Redcode, Yisuen got the opportunity to visit and have a port luck party at C2V- MICHAEL CHUA house!!!

1stly we thanks to Michael Chua and his dear wife to provide his home sweet home for us and for the party, and thanks to all the preparation and those drinks~ ^^

dude, i really love the way u deco ur lovely house~
simple and nice!!! especially those comics, figures, figures and figures!!! hahaha...

and also thanks for the foods tat every 1 brings and also the game tat bro Michael Chua teach us to play, is damn damn damn funny!!! laugh non-stop!!! hahaha....

we really having a great great night! we all enjoy and had a sweet memory for tat nite~
hope to visit again to ur house bro~
and also hope u bring us to next stop... hehehe...

Decepticon: StarScream

Finally!! I bought Takara - Transformers Masterpiece STARSCREAM - G1 Repaint!!!
waiting for such long time, finally i bought it!!! hahaha... ^^
love all the details inside this starscream, and look so original!!!
and the way starscream transform, also impressive~
really love this masterpiece, is also the 1st masterpiece figure I bought!
Hope i can collect all the Starscream figure 1 by 1....
hehehe.... ^^

Little Happy Girl ^^

During Chinese New Year, i got nothing to do at home, and no place to go...
then i found out tat the evening sunlight is very nice with the clear blue sky~
so, i ask my house little cute girl, SU YEE to become my model, hahaha...
she is 1 of the kid tat my mom help others ppl daycare~
firstly, she not allow to let me shoot her... she juz keep running and running...
after tat my dad play with her... then only i can shoot her naturally and happily~
hahaha... the smile on her face is pretty and is so naif~
really having a good moment in this evening with her and my family~

All In The Family

last Saturday, visit to Zouk for this happening party, ALL IN THE FAMILY!!!
rocks with my new Nike Air Max light for the party~
and got the opportunity to see some of the local and overseas graffiti artist and designers~
so happy to meet up with some friends there such like Pipit Mike and Ivery, Patrick, Joe, Dominic, Yisuen, MonkeyMonyet, 84cube Acit and Artech, and others... having some beer together~
and also great opportunity to c live demo on some artwork from DAVE WHITE and SBTG!!!
at final, we all waiting to collect back our dear BEARBRICK!!!
finally we all can get back the BEARBRICK tat we design~

My 1st StarScream!!!

today is 2008 valentines....
and wat i get from my gf is...
Transformers Encore Version - STARSCREAM!!!
really very surprise to receive this valentines gift~
is my very 1st StarScream in Transformers series and is 1 of my favorite robot in TRANSFORMERS.
some more is Encore version, damn classic and reminds me the 1st transformers figure i got last time I was young....
I really love this Valentines gift my dear,
thanks a lot!!!

Air Max Light Sports Red

today.... start working already... so boring when facing all the works again...
but the thing to cheer me up today is....
finally i collect my new kick, Air Max Light Sports Red!!!

meet up with Dominic and have fish head noodle for lunch~
quite long time didnt eat fish head noodle together!
then he took out my air max light show me... walao... really poison la!!!
c the details, and the colors.... really really love it!!!
so happy to get this kick today!
cant wait to rock with it~

Yayawoo is on GameAxis (Singapore)

recently my gf sister come back from Singapore for celebrate Chinese New Year...
then she bought me the January issue Singapore version of GameAxis magazine...
then i try to look inside, and... ... ...
inside really got yayawoo artwork tat specially done for them last time!!!
really very happy to see this la~

Happy Chinese New Year 2008'

Happy Chinese New Year!!!
wish u guys all the best!!
and happy forever~