another series for YMC pre-wedding series took by Guanyin Ma, Golden Half.
now look back to all this pics, i still can feel the HOT of that day,
and the HOT still burning our heart to keep LOMO ON!!!

so when is the 3rd pre-wedding shooting?
i think will coming very very soon rite?

ok! 1... 2... 3... smile ^^

YMC and Leng Zai so happy~

oopppss.... accident happen... >.< (1 vertical, 1 horizontal)

accident again...

and again... >.<

Ah Xiang holding the lovely cute Golden Half ^^

ok, back to normal again ^^

I like this 1 ^^

in the same time, pls take a look the 'making' of this series on RTM2 ^^

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday KahGiap.
Happy Birthday Li Hwa.

** hahaha... hope u both enjoy the very lol "surprise" that we prepared for u guys ^^

42" Late Night Party

This is our very very 1st time we visit to DAX's house.
we had a potluck style party and very special 'Gold Class' version screening.

some more we got special guest, Jeepeng & DanDan ^^

foods, cameras, beers, movies, doggy, mj, redbull, small gift...
that night, we really enjoy ^^

"LOMO ON" guys~

Ah Xiang with cute DanDan (Ah Xiang damn love doggy, Dick buy for her la ^^ hahaha...)

PotLuck style party, our favorite style party ^^ (and the pizza that Hooi bring is damn nice!)

we all so enjoy gather up and party at DAX's House (DAX = Dick And Xiang)

what they watching??

YES!!! is ! with DAX's 42" LCD + very ngek Audio Surround system!!!

and sure alcohol is MUST HAVE item in our party ^^ (but the RedBull + Vodka cannot lo >.<)

1 of the party VVIP guest, The Famous LCA Man, Mr. Chow Jee Peng~

must take a good look on this instax wall when u visit to DAX's house next time, because inside those instax pic got a lots of SURPRISE u can found ^^ (specially the evolution of Dick, muahahaha...)


kahgiap! kahgiap! keep 1 for me!!! ^^

Shock The Senses - G-Shock C3

"Creative Conceptual Contemporary" - G-Shock C3

kekeke... finally i own myself my very very very 1st G-Shock!!!
well, sure i need to thanks to my neighbour online store, Project Hullabaloo.
They make my dream come true ^^

for those who really very interested and wanna own a G-Shock watches,
pls don feel shy to visit their very cool and poison online store ^^
(and again... their online store is very very poison... so make sure u prepare more money b4 u go thru their store ok?) ^^

no worry, they really got very good service ^^ (thanks to Ronnie the boss again for running all the time)

...and finally i get this CASIO G-Shock G8100-2DR

here goes the pics i took for this new baby ^^
when the 1st time i saw this color, I really LOVE it ^^

i also like the shape and design ^^

the best part i love most, is the white round EL backlight surround the watch surface ^^

the shock resist back engraving.

and again... remember to take a visit to...

::: YMC + Leng Zai Sweet Pre-Wedding series :::

that day the sun BURN us...
and that day we BURN films...

end up we really get BURN till very very dark...
but is worth it!!!

because that day pre-wedding outing is really FUN!

lets wish YMC & Leng Zai


LOMO Natural

the very very 1st video clip i did by using iMovie. ^^

Say "HI" to my new job ^^

Yes correct!!! this is my new working space!!! ^^

ok ok, i know is still looks a bit "empty" on the wall and the table...
but no worries, sooner or later, sure got more and more things or Transformers around me,
at least now Skids is already there ^^ hahaha...

and feel so happy to using this new pretty babe, iMac.
the screen is so Huge, and the keyboard is so cute ^^

lately, already used to it with those short cut keys on keyboard,
and thanks to Criss borrow some books related with Mac,
so that i can learn and review those software i need to use.

cool and friendly colleague around the office
(most of them i know already before i join it ^^)

... and, I enjoy my new job ^^

Those Days... in AD TIME

phew... now only i realize been quite long time i didnt update my blog since i quit my previous job,
and i think most of u guys know i already working in new place with new job ^^

i work there for almost 3 years... and now become part of my memory...
here got few pics i took, is part of my life... i took it before i left - AD TIME.

every morning, the place i punch my card...

everytime, the place i make my coffee...

everyday, the door i go in and out...

every evening, leng lui Amanda fetch me to LRT, and this the place we always pass by...

and everyday i sit here, i online, i read magazines, i do my works, and i answer the phones...

also got some instax i took before i left:
my beautiful and smart A&P Manager- Francine (I miss her foods ^^)

The Leng Lui Amanda, who always help me a lots and always drop me at LRT station ^^

lovely CK who sit infront me ^^

The Leng Lui mama, May ^^

The all time happy person in office, Yee Ling ^^