42" Late Night Party

This is our very very 1st time we visit to DAX's house.
we had a potluck style party and very special 'Gold Class' version screening.

some more we got special guest, Jeepeng & DanDan ^^

foods, cameras, beers, movies, doggy, mj, redbull, small gift...
that night, we really enjoy ^^

"LOMO ON" guys~

Ah Xiang with cute DanDan (Ah Xiang damn love doggy, Dick buy for her la ^^ hahaha...)

PotLuck style party, our favorite style party ^^ (and the pizza that Hooi bring is damn nice!)

we all so enjoy gather up and party at DAX's House (DAX = Dick And Xiang)

what they watching??

YES!!! is ! with DAX's 42" LCD + very ngek Audio Surround system!!!

and sure alcohol is MUST HAVE item in our party ^^ (but the RedBull + Vodka cannot lo >.<)

1 of the party VVIP guest, The Famous LCA Man, Mr. Chow Jee Peng~

must take a good look on this instax wall when u visit to DAX's house next time, because inside those instax pic got a lots of SURPRISE u can found ^^ (specially the evolution of Dick, muahahaha...)


kahgiap! kahgiap! keep 1 for me!!! ^^


Dick Chua said...

what "buy for her la" !!
what "alot of surprise" !!
what "evolution" !!

okla okla...come again come again, next time we do "lok lok"~

yayawoo said...

LOL... "Lok Lok" GOOD IDEA!!! When?? kekekeke... ^^

jeepeng said...

LOK LOK!!!!!!!

Are you Serious! i'll buy air tic for just 1 night, for sure!*

i like Lok-Lok very much!!! but lok-lok in house, never try b4...when when when?

*terms & conditions applied

yayawoo said...

LOL... Dick going to order the LOK LOK car come to his house for whole night ^^
and eat near to the pool, some more projector movie there ^^

bb said...

Kahgiap kahgiap lao yat kor pei ngor...
Kahgiap kahgiap lao yat kor pei ngor

yayawoo said...

LOL... diam la bb ^^

ten1o said...

i wan i wan lok lok!!! :D