Shock The Senses - G-Shock C3

"Creative Conceptual Contemporary" - G-Shock C3

kekeke... finally i own myself my very very very 1st G-Shock!!!
well, sure i need to thanks to my neighbour online store, Project Hullabaloo.
They make my dream come true ^^

for those who really very interested and wanna own a G-Shock watches,
pls don feel shy to visit their very cool and poison online store ^^
(and again... their online store is very very poison... so make sure u prepare more money b4 u go thru their store ok?) ^^

no worry, they really got very good service ^^ (thanks to Ronnie the boss again for running all the time)

...and finally i get this CASIO G-Shock G8100-2DR

here goes the pics i took for this new baby ^^
when the 1st time i saw this color, I really LOVE it ^^

i also like the shape and design ^^

the best part i love most, is the white round EL backlight surround the watch surface ^^

the shock resist back engraving.

and again... remember to take a visit to...


Eva Eva said...

yo!!!!!! i want to buy one liao >.<

yayawoo said...

u wan me to send u the link? ^^