Say "HI" to my new job ^^

Yes correct!!! this is my new working space!!! ^^

ok ok, i know is still looks a bit "empty" on the wall and the table...
but no worries, sooner or later, sure got more and more things or Transformers around me,
at least now Skids is already there ^^ hahaha...

and feel so happy to using this new pretty babe, iMac.
the screen is so Huge, and the keyboard is so cute ^^

lately, already used to it with those short cut keys on keyboard,
and thanks to Criss borrow some books related with Mac,
so that i can learn and review those software i need to use.

cool and friendly colleague around the office
(most of them i know already before i join it ^^)

... and, I enjoy my new job ^^


Eunice K. said...

imac~~太正啦~~~~祝新工作順利!! ^v^
好快就見到你放左d公仔在台上!! hahaha
遲d應該會見到你貼滿lomo相了~~~ ^0^

Xiao Wei said...

syiok ler use mac in office~~!!!

Hooi said...

congratulations edmund~!!!

yisuen said...

hey good to hear that u r happy in ur new working space oh :D all the very very best to u o ^^

ten1o said...

wa!!! I wan iMac!!! :)

yayawoo said...

Eun: 多谢你的祝福啦!^^ 我打算将我的墙壁粘满LOMO照呢!^^

WeiWei: yeah lo, using Mac syok! (aiya, u also using Mac la!)

Hooi: hahaha, thank you hooi ^^

Yisuen: thanks la! wish u all the best there too for ur new job ^^

Ten10: boss, very fast u can buy ur own Mac jor ^^

tennsen said...

Mac wo... so envy!!!
congrats Edmund~~

C.K.VOON (Xiao Qiang~小強) said...

wah...u r so good a good environment!

yayawoo said...

tennsen: aiya envy wat la? the mac is not mine la! company 1 ^^
(i also wish i got mac too >.<)

CK: hahaha... i only show u my table saja wor... how u know is a good enviroment? kekeke... ^^

dominic said...

all the best man!

yayawoo said...

Thanks bro ^^

Michael Chuah (a.k.a C2V) said...

best corner~~ no one can see u watch porn~~~

yayawoo said...

LOL... who said no body is watching me? Ben is sitting behind me ok? ^^