Pan @ Kuala Lumpur

Finally I got the chance to meet up with Pan and sit down have local dinner together ^^
we having a great night that night, we have talk a lots about Lomography.
and we also been poisoned by Pan too ^^

is easier to let the pics to tell the story:

u can see the table is full of FOODS!!! (hope Pan enjoy the dinner ^^)

Pan and KahGiap

we enjoy the dinner ^^

YingTze and Guanyin Ma also enjoy the dinner ^^

after finish the dinner...
Pan is showing the Mini Diana to us (when he hold like this, really show the mini size)
when he took out the Mini Diana, we all go crazy with it!!!

Eva with the Mini Diana (she keep holding the Mini Diana and don wan to let go, hahaha...)

after the dinner, we continue yam cha at others cafe.

aiya... sorry for the blur ya... >.< they all so concentrate listen to Pan talking ^^

before we end up the yam cha, lets have a group photo with Pan ^^

and nice to meet up with u Pan, hope to see u again next time~


ok, honestly this year STGCC'09 i bai jia a bit 'more' than last year... but i really happy bai jia this time ^^
i bought few very cute designer toys, some more i got chance to let them signature on it ^^

ok la~ let the pic tell the story la ^^

for those who got watch Transformers 2 movie, sure can easily recognize this cute little Ice-Cream truck ^^

this Ice-Cream truck is the very 1st item i get in STGCC! Guess what? it already sold out before the event open for public
(I'm so lucky to get 1 of this, because after i bought this, i saw others toy booth selling a lots expensive than the price i get)

Yeah, 2 robots combine into 1 vehicle, Skids and Mudflap!
(i think i will re-paint some of the part of them ^^)

2nd item i love most is this... Winson Classic Creation - Adam Kingdom. Adam!!!
(so happy for the big signature on the box ^^)

The design is base on his hand made 12" Apexpolorers ADAM.

More details about this Adam vinyl figure by Winson Ma.

and Yes! is a limited vinyl!

guess what? it glow in the dark some more!!!

plus a little small gift from Winson, Sports Animal Artdol series~
really thanks a lot!!! (also thanks for those postcards and NDSL stickers ^^)

and this cute little Molly Qee series 2, is designer by Kenny Wong
and again so lucky i get the special color ^^
(too bad i miss the chance to let him sign on it >.<) Micro-Mic by Ultraman! this 1 is very cool! small but heavy!

actually i wanna buy the Treeson and Other Stories Blindbox Series (from Crazy Label), but too bad Sold Out jor... >.<

thanks for giving this cute Bubblefuns strap ^^
(although is just a small strap, but the packaging is nice)

finally i get 1 of this vinyl from Uglydolls! (thanks to Sandra give the other 1 ^^)

another vinyl toy by Joe Ledbetter, i love this 1, Finders Keepers ^^

Guanyin Ma also bought some To-Fu

the 3 small little To-Fu i get it from Gashapon ^^
the middle and the black 1 is limited hidden character, so lucky ^^

here is all the stuff i bai jia and also got some other things i didnt take pics like To-Fu mouse pad, comic from Little Thunder and bla... bla... bla....
this time STGCC really enjoy ^^


This year Singapore Toy, Games & Comic Convention 2009 (STGCC) i having a lots of fun~! (although i go there is for working)

The best part is, i can meet up with a lots of friends and very cool designers! Also really very happy to make some new friends such like Winson and Little Thunder ^^ u guys really awesome~

erm... most of the time i spend is inside Suntec City, i didnt manage to visit or walk around in Singapore this time... but after work, when i walk back to hotel, found that Singapore really a nice place to longboarding! hahahaha...

and thanks for Julian (Lefty) treat me beer and dinner! really happy to hang out with this uncle ^^ cant wait to longboarding with him and others member~

Devil Robot, he is so COOL! friendly and nice guy!
when i took out mini instax, he said "oh! Cheki~"

Gary Baseman, he is a funny guy~
keep playing his design doll with others designers! ^^

tokidoki also a very cool guy!
he can open his own beer using his marker pen~
and he can speak a lots of different languages!

Joe Ledbetter~ love his design so much ^^
he is such a friendly person~
bought 1 of his figure, so cute!

this is my 1st time meet up with Winson, so happy to know him ^^
and thanks again for the BIG autograph on the box~

we all so happy to meet up her, Little Thunder!

the father of Molly, Kenny and his lovely wife, Kit ^^
so happy to meet up with them again~

Uglydolls, 1 of my favorite designer ^^
his ugly doll is so cute~

ps... so sorry to miss out the chance to meet up with few friends in Singapore and JB.
because of the stupid maxis didnt help me to turn on my auto roaming,
thats why i cant manage to contact you guys, sorry ya~ >.<

Stella Longboards

Ha! Is time to get some sports and exercise!!!
(i know u guys will said me just another reason to bai jia...hahaha~)

Finally i get myself my very 1st longboard, Stella Longboards.
and the 1 i bought is, Kicktail series - GhostShip.

Thanks to Joo Hong, so i got my board so fast ^^
for those who wanna get 1 of this, pls visit to the nearest Rufffey or Radioactive boutique~

Just now evening i try to ride it at the back of my housing area (still newbie)
really syok! having a lots of fun with it! ^^

Cant wait to join and ride with Ah Sui Gor and Julian they all ^^
wait for me guys~

ps: for those who interested pls check it out this poster