Pan @ Kuala Lumpur

Finally I got the chance to meet up with Pan and sit down have local dinner together ^^
we having a great night that night, we have talk a lots about Lomography.
and we also been poisoned by Pan too ^^

is easier to let the pics to tell the story:

u can see the table is full of FOODS!!! (hope Pan enjoy the dinner ^^)

Pan and KahGiap

we enjoy the dinner ^^

YingTze and Guanyin Ma also enjoy the dinner ^^

after finish the dinner...
Pan is showing the Mini Diana to us (when he hold like this, really show the mini size)
when he took out the Mini Diana, we all go crazy with it!!!

Eva with the Mini Diana (she keep holding the Mini Diana and don wan to let go, hahaha...)

after the dinner, we continue yam cha at others cafe.

aiya... sorry for the blur ya... >.< they all so concentrate listen to Pan talking ^^

before we end up the yam cha, lets have a group photo with Pan ^^

and nice to meet up with u Pan, hope to see u again next time~


Eva Eva said...

hohoh. i wanna steal the mini back home XD

fufu said...

nice pictures with nice buddies and food

奥艾露露 said...

who is Pan?

ten1o said...

eva, after u steal, borrow me a while ya :P