The Little Things

here is The Little Things that make us happy and excited all the time (specially girls)
YES! is the mini instax i'm talking about!
ok, here is some mini took by GuanYin Ma!!
hope u girls will love it la! ^^

"You are the most prettiest cloud in the sky!" ah beng said.

"I'm going to hold your little hand until my hair all turn to white (if that time still got hair la)" Ah Beng said again.

"Hahaha... now you are MINE!!!" Ah Beng said.

"no no no... you should said you belongs to me!!!" Ah lian said.

"ok la ok la! let you win la! I'm yours la! muack~"

hahaha... end up, Ah Beng belong to Edmund Li! muahaha...

Ah Beng & Ah lian + Friend Friend ^^


Anonymous said...

wonderful series :D
are they really getting married? mahahaha

beebee said...

sweet dao~~~~~~~
munmun all ur pics really beri nice^______^

Xiang said...

miss the trip so much!! nice Instax hehe!!

Hooi said...

LOL~!!!! Beautiful instax shots~!!!

Vivien T. said...

i like this! :D