1st roll from Mini Diana.

ok, here goes my 1st roll of Mini Diana :
(some pics a bit dark, because that morning is cloudy... my 1st roll ma, sure not that nice >.<)

The flat I'm staying ; The mamak I always take my dinner.

The School in front ; and pls don drive too fast.

Parking ; Driving.


Turn right ; and I reach my working place.

Love ; Peace

Tower Left ; Tower Right.

untitled 2

Trying the Square mode.

road light at Sg. Wang.

in front of Pavilion.


in front of Avenue K.

and now is already Chinese July... so don walk around late night ok?

I love my Mini Diana.
Thanks for viewing ^^


Eva Eva said...

i love ur diana mini too. thanks mun. muaks! ahahahahahahahahaah

C.K.VOON (Xiao Qiang~小強) said...

i like the last one shot! great!

ling @ lengmuizai said...

i lov diana mini too~ ^^
de las shoot damn scary ler~ haha

-mc- said...

love it!!!

Kusou said...


Hooi said...

grain gao gao... i wan diana mini.. borrow borrow.. hahhaha~!!

ronnie said...

walao... since you already used it can sell to me please...

Fanny said...

i m using square mode, after taking a shot, is it i hav to 转那个圆圆的半圈?
then how about using half frame?

u can understand chinese de hor

yayawoo said...

erm... i don understand the 圆圆 is which part of the camera wor... >.<

wf said...

can i know whether this mini diana got vivid colour and dark corner effect?????

Fanny said...

thx for ur reply...
i found the ans!

Vivien T said...

omg so pretty!
my phone died no battery i dont know where the charger i am sososososooo sorry! :(

have the besssstest bday ever!
i'll get yr present over the hols, see u soon! :D

and hope you slowly grow older.. hehe! <3 :D

c.yee.low said...

hey..i just developed the pictures taken with my mini diana but it looked extremely blur..it's my first time using lomo..i used the only film i can find,fuji superior 200..the pictures are so blur n it does not have any of the lomo effect that i expected..so disappointing..does anyone know the reason for it or can help??