Nike ACG Steel City Backpack

Deng~ Deng~ Deng~ Deng~!!!
this is my birthday present from guanyin ma - Nike ACG Steel City Backpack!!!

she bought from Singapore last month when she visited to the STGCC.
she keep inside her brother room, thats why i didnt notice at all bout this very cool backpack~
(that time i also in Singapore, but i'm working inside STGCC, so i don know she bought this bag.)

after celebrate with friends at Full House, when reach home, she took out the present!
and really surprise me! really love this backpack, some more is red in color ^^

here goes the details of the bag:

Nike ACG Steel City Backpack

erm... the photo i took not really nice, so i post another 2 pics that i found from web.

The Nike ACG Steel City Backpack has a durable design that's ready for urban and outdoor adventures and offers superior comfort and features designed to keep your gear safe and secure.

the details of the bag~

Thanks again for this cool bag la~ I'M LOVIN IT!!! ^^


ronniedamini said...

OMG! Thats a cool bag!!!

yayawoo said...

Thanks bro~ ^^

Eva Eva said...

hohoohohhoohhohoohohohohohho. syok la u XD

kahgiap said...

wow... when i gona get my long board huh .. :(

yayawoo said...

fast fast get 1 la!!!
(by the way, if got extra budget, go look for a big back for it, so that next time u easy to carry it when u travel ^^)

Michael Chuah (a.k.a C2V) said...

lu macam tiap-tiap hari birthday punya? well, happy b-lated b-day~ walaupun dah lama~

yayawoo said...

LOL~ u so late la bro!
i'll forgive u if u hand over ur ninja turtle to me!

meerly said...

hey! i just bought the bag with my boyfriend! he has the black one i got myself red one. But ar, ask you something... the loop strip at the front of the bag, do you know what is it for? Haha..

sibin said...

Hey! Would like to ask u where did u get this NIKE ACG City Steel Backpack!!! I would like to go get one too!!!