A Fully Surprise Birthday ^^

1st of all, thanks to my lovely guanyin ma who organized and planning this totally very secret birthday for me! (she really very good in planning it quietly... i really didnt notice at all >.< !!!)

the most LOL part is, she keep ask me to call out my friend to celebrate birthday, ask them come out have a drinks together, but i only ask ah xiang and dick, yingtze and kahgiap... most of them not free... so i think hv to celebrate quietly and lonely this year birthday~ she just wanna let me feel disappointed >.<

then actually she already called everyone and dinner together at Full House!!!

thank you so much guys~
really happy to see u guys! (because feel like quite long time didnt meet up with u guys already)
thanks for everything ^^

and the most important is thanks to my lovely guanyin ma! Muacks~

thanks to my lovely guanyin ma ^^

Kahgiap and Hooi, thanks for the damn cool glove!!! ^^

thank you ah c for the 14% plum alcohol ^^
lee chen wei, thanks for the Polaroid pic, remember to scan for me ya~ ^^
thanks to nasi for helping us shoot mini instax, muahahahaha... ^^

thanks vava and bb for the Magic Triangle ^^
(erm... this pic too by nasi~)

Ah Xiang... control Ah Dick a bit la~
(thanks for the delicious strawberry cake^^)

thanks to ah hooi, wei wei, singblass, ymc, leng zai.... thanks to everyone ^^
paiseh paiseh, that night really very happy and excited, forgot to take pics with everyone~!

anyway, THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!


云子yingtze said...

hou lam ar....my king didn't say thank you my lovely ying tze at all...jealous neh..haha..

fast fast get marry with guanyinma...she too good le..later someone chase her thn u rugi...haha

Ivery said...

agree with yingtze ~~ faster get married lar!!! hehe...
gym so lovely!!!
Hapi Birthday!! :D

swsoo said...

so sweet... happy birthday!!

yisuen said...

sweet dao lao zap~ :P
hahaha agree agree get married fast! a lot of ppl is willing to be ur wedding photographer :P
happy birthday~ :)

Eva Eva said...

hohoh. yalo..apamacam we din take group picture that night geh?? anyway, cepat marry la u! muahhaahahahahahahahahah. :D

Xiao Wei said...

hapi bday again~~~!!!

yayawoo said...

Thank you so much ^^
so happy to receive all the wishes from u guys la~

jeepeng said...

cepat marry!!! =)

yayawoo said...

... we already look like marry ma! not meh? muahahaha...