[Mini Diana] <百年好合>

This time trip to Perlis, really is a GREAT TRIP!!!
1st time become "Brothers", and very enjoy everything that happen in that day ^^

here goes my pics from Mini Diana:

KahGiap with the very old school Mercedes Benz.

KahGiap is ready to go! and Thats the driver ^^

on the way to look for YingTze. (actually very very very near only ^^)

before they start, lets take some pics 1st~

1st round, Brother's play quiz that Sister's prepared.

2nd round, Beer session prepared by Uncle Lim ^^

sign on the 'promise' and YingTze belongs to KahGiap ^^

we can see that YingTze very happy ^^

Congrats to Mr. and Mrs. Lee ^^

wish u both happily ever after ^^


Daph said...

nice pics! love mini diana! ^^

Hooi said...

very very very very very nice~~~!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kahgiap said...

nice nice nice ~!!!! thankyou bro !!!