recently, i receive a lucky draw prize (2nd prize from MCC MERDEKA GRAND CONTEST)
and then wat i get is this, a FIGARTI TIGER I tank!! (limited edition)
hahaha... when i know i get 2nd prize, i really don know should be a happy or unhappy?
happy, is because i get 2nd prize; unhappy, i don like tank at all, wuahaha.... ^^
but when the time i get this prize from Kenji, wow, is really damn heavy man!! (and thanks for Kenji pass this prize for me).
when i reach home i opened up, and really suprise me!
now i know y is limited edition, because inside the tank is damn damn damn details and all the details is damn clear! really impressive.... and really shock me too!
erm... after i take some shoot for this tank,
then i pass this tank to my gf younger brother, i think he will like it~
juz don know he will appreciate it or not~


yisuen said...

nice toy~ from the pics can see its damn detail~~~!

edmund said...

yeah! if u c the real figure,
u really can c a lots of details.
the soldier badges and nails also can c ah! really geng ah!!

juz too bad... i already gv to my gf brother... wuahahaha...
so cant c any more details lu

Anonymous said...

wuhuu ~~ lucky u !! haha...

Ck ~

dominic said...

dam detail dude!
nice nice...
what competition?

edmund said...

not competition dude~
juz some lucky draw only!
thank god for the "lucky" happen on me~

jeepeng said...

wah! you damn lucky!

i'm your GF's brother, pass me pass me, kekekeke!

Anonymous said...

You are lucky, I collect Figerti and that tank you gave away is worth at least $200 as the original retail was $300. I have a different paint scheme of that Tiger tank.

Anonymous said...

don't know if this photo will show up or not.