Dogathon '08

last weekend, me and my gf bring Hachi went to Dogathon '08!
and this fellow is very naughty! because he keep bark bark bark! non-stop barking around to others dogs! he don care big dogs or small dogs... just keep barking!!! make us so embarrassing la~ because i hv to make him stop barking to others doggy, so i don hv much chance to shooting others ppl... only simply shoot it with my digital camera.

we also quite happy to meet up with some friends there!
been long time didnt meet up with LOVDOG forum member, Gene & Eddie and also others member! also 1st time meet up with Ivery new doggy, PIPI! and also glad Yisuen enjoy tat event and fish eye around with doggy ^^

here i share some of the lousy shots i took tat day~

this is our house HACHI!

Gene house leng lui princess, KIKI!!

and the prince, DAODAO!

Ivery and her cute PIPI~

this tiny Chihuahua, is very brave! my house stupid Hachi bark him, he not affraid some more bark back to Hachi!! >.<

Zigo, the Husky~

1 of my dream doggy, Bull Dog

cute little Pomeranian

and white Pomeranian

this doggy have great smile!! ^^

this white terrier is looks cute also ^^

Chow Chow playing with her master ^^

this little cute Pug is very shy when facing camera lens~ hahaha...

"let me go down! i wan go play with my friends!!!"

Schnauzer tat wearing Bruce Lee outfit tat bought back from Korea~ looks cool!

" wat u looking at??"

Event : Dogathon '08
Location : UPM
Camera : Canon G9


Hooi said...

wow.. so many cute doggies~!!!

^jOey^ said...

Ya.. the dogs are so cute~
Hope I can have a Golden Retriever one day. I like big dog. haha!

-mc- said...

hachi! y ur temper same like ur bro?! hahaha~

Eva Eva said...

ya wo. hachi....why u so notti and influence by ur brother? aiiss~

yayawoo said...

hooi : CUTE!CUTE!!CUTE!!!

joey : don think! go get 1 for ur new house! kekeke...

mc : hahaha... macam tu baru is BROTHER ma! kakaka...

eva : because they both born from the same mother ma ^^