Silent Scenery Debut Mini Album

Finally!!! I get Silent Scenery 1st Album!!!
since the 1st time i listen to [Tale Of a Wooden Door], i straight away LOVE their music.
and last weekend (2nd Aug08), they have a album launch at Annexe.
sure i won miss out the chance to pick up their album and get the chance again listen to their LIVE!
I look for nice place in front there, sit down and enjoy their live performance!
wat can i said? they really COOL! and i totally enjoy it!!! ^^
too bad i cant stay until the whole performance finish, because i going to meet up my JB friend later on.

Silent Scenery, here wish u guys all the best and create more nice musics ok? ^^

i bought both Silent Scenery and Lightcraft album tat night, support support Indies!! ^^

Location : Central Market, Annexe.
camera : Canon G9.


ivan said...

Hey thanks for coming and supporting us all along! Really appreaciate it. Hope you enjoy the cd!

Ivan - Silent Scenery

yayawoo said...

Ivan : yo! really salute to u guys! always love the music tat u guys did and will always supporting here!! ^^

Anonymous said...

would you mind ripping the "Silent Scenery - When We Escape From The Moonlight"?

Contact me via the E-mail: Please, thank you.

Anonymous said...

Great to hear you bought their album.I do enjoy their music also.However,I lived in the country of China and it's hard to buy their album "When We Escape From The Moonlight".So,could u rip the album and share the beautiful tune?
Many thx in advance and happy new year ^ ^
PS:Finalkid is really a great label