Blue Zone + Snow Beer!!!

ok, because of the alcohol is still running around my blood, make me feel awakes...
so i decide to update my blog in the middle of the nite~

ok, 1st of all, thanks to Dominic and Sue bring us to this nice place...
Blue Zone!!!
and finally, i can try the "SNOW BEER" since last time i saw it from Dom's blog~
the snow beer is totally very superb cool and the taste, is totally GREAT!!!

here got some pics tat i took b4 i get drunk, or hand shake shake... >.<

yup, this is the cool SNOW BEER!!!

and also the very tasty Chicken Leg~

this is wat i order, Lobster Ball... and got 1 more Mermaid Fish, i forgot to take pic...

we enjoy the beer under the full moon~ really enjoyable ^^

hahaha... the out of focus version, but i really like the "ping pong" effect~ ^^

some more suddenly got fireworks to see...

my dear friend, Dominic and Sue

Sue so happy when listening to our lovely pass story ^^

the CCDA couple... Mr. Kah Giap and Mrs. YingTze ^^

YingTze concentrate to something that Sue telling to her~

"erm... yum yum... delicious la this Chicken Leg~"

our dear happy YMC ^^

ok, lets get back to tasty Snow Beer, YAM SENG!!!

i really enjoy having beer together with u guys tonight!
specially Dominic and Sue, we really long long time didnt hang out together~
hope next time we can hang out again at here, Blue Zone with the cool Snow Beer
Cheers.... i mean YAM SENGGG!!!


-mc- said...

yeah!!! Snow Beer is great!

yayawoo said...

next time lets go again ^^
since tat place so near to ur house~

beebee said...

真羡慕你们耶: (

yayawoo said...


lcfu said...

snow beer?? never heard of it.. would definitely ask around and try the next time i drink beer =)

yayawoo said...

this BLUE ZONE is located around AMPANG area~ not every place can find this kind of SNOW BEER!
is worth to try it if u were there ^^

can u imagine the beer feel like ice blended? kakaka...

Eva Eva said...

why iam having fever now? why????

yayawoo said...

oh... get fever jor?
then rest more at home la!
remember to take ur medicine,
and no beer ok? hahaha...

Hooi said...

should i say it was my lost or should i say i was lucky bcos i didnt get drunk that night?
But looks like u guys had a great night afterall~!!!

yayawoo said...

no worry dude!
sure we will go there again!!!
then we yam seng gao gao together la~