YaYaWoo x Nakanari at MPH NYC

Wah! Wah! Wah! so happy la!!!
hahaha... too excited here...
because I finally can see YaYaWoo artwork hang on the wall at MyPlasticHeart NYC
really very big thanks to Nakanari invite YaYaWoo crossover with famouse SPIKI.
thanks for giving such big chance so tat YaYaWoo can exhibit at NYC~
now really hope can go to NYC and visit to the exhibition~
the exhibition looks cool man~ and here wish u all the best in this exhibition!!
Nakanari, thanks again dude!!!

more pics bout this exhibition : http://flickr.com/photos/24055825@N07/


Hooi said...

edmund.. i respect u much! u r such a talented designer! And congrats for ur yayawoo to be hung on the exhibition! Nice artwork!

ten1o said...

wa!!! CONGRATS bro~ really so happy for u ^-^V

Anonymous said...

great la dude!...nyc man...its a super goodnews for u^^always support u!~~~~~


ivery said...

congrats!!! keep on ur good job!!! :)

iamwen said...

i saw got a lot of ne ne.. hehe.. congrats dude!

edmund said...

hooi : Thanks for ur 1st greeting!!

ten10 : Thanks to u Ten10, i also feel very happy ^^

marionuclear : thanks for always supporting yayawoo~

ivery : we will gambateh and work harder~ pipit also ya~

iamwen : lets salute to nian nian!! hahaha...