The Crossover Between Manager & Staff

I think this is my 3rd roll of playing crossover with my friends.
and this time... i double it with my A&P Manager, Francine Tham. ^^

a roll of Kodak EBX,
2 travel sport, Barcelona x Malacca,
2 different camera, Holga 135bc x Natura Classica,
2 different time, 2008 x 2009,
and 1 SUPRISE !!!

Thanks for viewing ^^


ymmij said...

waaa.. nice doubles!!

S8j said...

barcelona? hahahha cool!

Vivien T. said...

hahah love the colour!
can't wait for my bbf to play with~

yisuen said...


董百勤 said...

That was really cool!

Hooi said...

where is the one "Edmund on FIre" one?
That shot damn stunning~!!!