Revenge Of The Fallen - STARSCREAM!!!


Ok, this TF2 Starscream almost look alike same as the version of TF1, but actually this version is upgraded! ^^
They improved quite a lots in this version (compare with TF1 version), specially the way how Starscream transform and also the body thickness of Starscream finally reduced!!!

Overall I'm quite ok with this TF2 version... just abit disappointed with the movement it can pose... specially the leg and the hand... although they got improve the huge canon hand into claw, but still too bad the finger cant move~

ok, here is the pics:

The TF1 Starscream is Takara Version, so TF2 also ^^ (actually only add on the sticker on the box >.<)

The box is also improved! (easier to open ^^)

Starscream in F-22 form.

... and here comes the STARSCREAM!!!

the most interesting part that impress me is the gear on the chest, it really can MOVE!

Starscream overall out look.

... honestly, TF2 version movement kinda bad, cant really make a nicer pose >.<

the back of Starscream also look more simple.

TF1 & TF 2, can u see the difference from both of them? (TF2 look more nice rite?)

TF1 & 2, in F-22 form.

erm... actually not bad la this TF2 version ^^
...and tonight, we will go for TF2 movie,


ymmij said...

wor.. so cool! make me wanna buy also.. :S

yayawoo said...

as u always said to me: Yud!Yud!!Yud!!! ^^

Xiao Wei said...

walao~~~!!! bai jia ler u...

yayawoo said...

erm... don said bai jia la...
just collecting something i like saja la ^^
(macam collect stamp lo... LOL)

Hooi said...

i think TF1 more real when it is an F22, but TF2 looks more cooler with the tattoo things.
in TF2 STARCREAM says:
"Sometimes cowards ran away, but cowards lives."


Hullabaloo said...

YOOOo bai jia again ahahhaa

the second one is indeed much more nicer and look more after war feel... first one is lady star... =D

Eva Eva said...

how's da movie? ^^

yayawoo said...

how's da movie??
as Dick told me:"pls control urself after finish watching the movie!!"

yeah, Starscream rockz!!!

yisuen said...

control urself? LOL what does that suppose to mean, will kill ppl izzit hahaha