deconstruction [解构]

Guys, this weekend got exhibition again~ wan to hang out together? hahaha...
this time the exhibition is done by Dasein student tat going to graduate soon~
this is their final project, an exhibition to show all the great art work tat they had done so far!
so why not we give them some support?? why not take a visit?? ^^
they might be something surprise us~ hehehe...
(is my gf final project exhibition... so must go support support ya~ hahaha... )

oh yeah, if not wrong, they also got invite some local indie music band for performance,
erm... got Flica, Silent Scenery and Dian Bang... if u like their music, don miss out the chance to c their live perfomance there ok? and also can buy their album to support them~

and also got some nice cupcakes from Wondermilk and nice coffee from Dennis ...

is an exhibition tat got things to see, got nice music to listen, got nice foods and drinks to enjoy~
so i think is nice place to hang out together and give them some support~
hope to c u guys there ^^
and thanks for the support ya~