hehehe... seems like i "bai jia" again... paiseh >.<
last week, we went over to Time Square to look for something cute as a birthday present for out friend.
Too bad, we cant find anything suit her.... BUT!!! i found something nice for myself!!!
(some more is Takara version ^^)
finally i found this CLASSIC DELUXE version STARSCREAM!!!
really happy to found this version STARSCREAM, because i look for it since long long time... and now finally i get it!!! hahaha~
although is small, but i love all the details and the movement it having! is cool!!
erm... recently didnt c any others version STARSCREAM show up, so i think probably will stop a while buying STARSCREAM... >.<


Steve Ballmer said...

I love your pictures, good blog!

yayawoo said...

steve : thanks for viewing ^^

Hooi said...

ooi.. how many starscream u wanna keep?? next time u can open booth call starcream liao lo... Hehe!!!
just kidding.. nice transformer man!!!

yayawoo said...

hooi : thanks dude~ my starscream collection still less than 10 la... i love starscream ma~ hahaha....