"excuse me, wheres china town?"

...don know why, today every 1 rushing back home sharp at 6pm,
but for me is a good, at least i can go back earlier.
so as usual, go to LRT station take LRT go back home.
while i stand at the station wait for the train, suddenly got a lady voice come from my back,
"excuse me, may i know wheres china town is?"
oh... is a lady bag packer! erm... because my english is poor, so i didnt say much,
but i draw her a clear and simple map for her, because she don hv any map on her hand.
on they way to the station tat she wanna go, we got chit chat a bit,
but didnt talk much, just know she from Mexico.
haiz... don know when i can become a bag packer and travel every where just like her.
hope she can find the "china town" tat she looking.

and today, finally i finish my YaYaWoo member "FACEs".
hope my member can accept this.