The Negative Effect x Wonderful Market

1st of all, I really have to said THANKS to PIPIT founder, MIKE & IVERY!!!
thanks for giving such opportunity to let us promote our documentary movie in the flea market that they organized, WONDERFUL MARKET!

we really having a great day, and we all very enjoy there! specially can hang out, meet up with some old friends ^^

a place that full of people, full of handcraft product, full of cool and cute and beautiful stuff, this is really what i call a WONDERFUL MARKET!!!

The Doctor of LOMO, KISS ME!!!

YingTze and MC

YingTze and Xiang

you see, got a lots of ppl in front of our booth watching the trailer, and Dick non stop promoting ^^

Too bad is only for display... not for sell >.<

smokin time...

The booth beside us selling cool deco lights, really nice ^^

after the flea market we went to 69 cafe for dinner, and this is JEEP the Doctor of LOMO.

I'm trying to use the flash to do some Terry Richardson feel

some deco in the cafe... and try the camera in such dark place >.<

and his is ME ^^


ymmij said...

haha. nice nice. for display only.. lol

yayawoo said...

muahahaha... very poison punya display! only can c, buy cannot buy ^^