My 2nd SLR camera - Olympus OM-1n

Finally I got my 2nd SLR camera - Olympus OM-1n.
I waited almost 1 year for this camera, and a big thanks to my friend, Mun How~
who help me bring bac far away from US ^^

Here got some pic I took for my 1st roll by using OM-1n,
In the same time, is also my 1st time trying this slide film call Fujichrome MS100/1000.

This is the OM-1n I'm having now (this pic took by Mun How when he still in US)

Jeepeng, the famous LOMOGRAPHER in Asia! ^^

KulturKampf, the beach boy ^^

Chingyee~ the rocker!!!
love the color created from this film, u can see how nice is the warm and cold color from this pic.

Me and Guanyin ma~ Thanks to Hooi taking this pic ^^

My mom and the young little cute girl ^^

Young little cute girl again~
although is only 50mm 1.8, but is already enough to create good depth ^^

another pic to try out the depth that this camera can do.

really love this film, because when is red, is red enough, like Velvia~

it also can get the yellow-green color way like EBX too ^^

aiya... blur jor >.< if not, should be quite nice

this 1 also blur jor... because still raining that time...

1st roll from OM-1n, the result is satisfied ^^
going to load a black&white to try for 2nd roll~

Thanks again to Mun How for bring back a nice camera for me
Thanks~ ^^


S8j said...

MS100/1000 sold out?

yayawoo said...

Still got stock, no worry ^^
is a rare slide film... but no body wanna buy~
weird... hahahaha...

hudxuan said...


xon said...

OM is the 2nd choice after Nikon FM within it's times .

yayawoo said...

Hudxuan : 对啊~因为底片的关系啊!不同的底片能达到不同的效果 ^^

xon : OM series really nice ^^