Amelie & CashBack

Recently, i just finish watch this 2 movie that i borrow from my friend- Amelie and CashBack.
after i finish watch this both movie, i realize that i really love this both movie very very very much~
like Amelie, I like the character of Amelie, she dedicated herself to helping others find happiness... in the most delightfully unexpected ways~ and the little love story bout her ^^
and i totally love the color they use in this movie, is my favourite EBX color (if u r LOMO member sure u know wat is EBX color, hehehe...)

CashBack, damn, i love the love story tat happened on Ben and Sharon, and i also hope i can draw like Ben, the painting the portrait tat Ben done is really amazing!!! love this movie story line so so much!!!

ok, i decided to look fot this 2 movie and collect it~
and thanks for yisuen borrow this 2 movie for me ^^
i wan to watch it quite a long time, just i cant find it any where....


dominic said...

i wanna watch the cashback too
i've downloaded, but need password to access..

edmund said...

damn... how come need password??
dom, u must watch ah!!!
don miss it ah!!!
really very very very nice ah!!!
i think Jeep sure got~
get from him la!!!
u forgot his house is DVD LIBRARY??

yisuen said...

nice leh~
u r welcome la~
good movie must share
especially movie like cash back, rite?
*evil grin*

edmund said...

thank you thank you~ ^^
yeah, really very nice la~
both also i like it~

tutu5 said...

amelie is really great.. haha